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Introduction: Trailer Ball Hookup

This is the completed trailer, the hookup is pretty self explaining and will change depending on your bike. I went with an ABS 1 1/2 in trailer tongue and filled it full of expanding foam. Strong  but lite weight. parts needed will be
1 - 48 in. aluminum 1 1/2 angle bar   2- 13 in . tires from Harbor freight  1- 36 in threaded rod cut down to 26" for axle. 1- old hand truck.
1- 4" x 7 1/2 " x 1/4 " alum. plate for mounting trailer ball. This will fit on the Arms that are cut to 18" and mounted to the two metric threaded holes on each side of frame m
aking sure they do not extend past the frame on the inside and hit the wheel sprocket.
you will need a grinder to notch the bars around some welds and the wheel nuts.
The blue bin I found at Big Lots!. and it is BIG!  28" long x 16" wide x 18" deep, inside.  12.50 , a good price for that big a bin and it has snap over locks. I found plastic chain for safety chain more for deco but strong enough to get the job done.
the 1 7/8 trailer ball and hitch can be found on line at Etrailer but perhaps cheaper locally.
Any further questions you can reach me at my junk mail address,



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Good idea until you pop a wheelie with all the weight pressing down on your back wheel...your 220lb are also on the back wheel...

Nice job. I would love to see more detail. I believe you might want to move the trailer axle forward to balance the load to reduce stress and loading on your rear wheel and your hitch asembly, as a fellow 230+, I've broken more than my share of spokes

well maybe if I build another one I'll use a sliding bar design so I can have a sliding axle like semi's do, with spring loaded lock pins or even a double axle then I could come by in the middle of the nite and move your house,LOLOL. I just sold this bike and trailer for $275.

Well not real heavy duty, but ok for picking up a few goodies at the supermarket. Safely maybe 40 lbs. It needed a metal hitch bar. I used what I had, 1 1/2 in ABS filled with expanding foam.

BUrly, Is that good? must be. I just sold it for $275. $ 100 for the bike and 175 for the trailer. I bought a pickup so no need for it any longer.


I like the design, but I have some caveats:
(1) as long as the loads are very light you will continue to have few problems.
(2) When loads increase your control will suffer....maybe catastrophically due to
tongue-loading forces placed into your bike. (I experienced this).
(3) Rotating the load-arms 90 degrees, and placing the hitchball-containing
cross- bar between them will help immensely.
(4) A triangulating vertical support brace should put you on the road with load.
PS- Sometimes I put some rocks in my front basket to act as a counterbalance.


well thanks but it works just fine for a few groceries. I have counter balance of 270 lbs of fat to keep it on the groundLOLOL:OL