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i wanted to build a trilor because: i dont drive, im always on my bike, shopping is heavy and i can only carry a little while cycling.

i looked on the internet to see what designs were avalible and what other people have done.

the design i liked best was a simple bamboo design i used most of their idear but made a few alterations with advice from my dad who helped me build this!
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i didnt want to build mine from bamboo, so i decided to use steel, and iron.i used bolts to join it together instead of welding it this is so i can undo the sides to get the wheels off once built.

i used L shape metal for the frame. and bicycle wheels 2 (front) for the wheels the wheels are fixed into a hole drilled for the axle to be bolted too.

i didnt take any mesurements all you see is done by the hope its straight and big enough, im a sucker for mistakes!

i didnt cut the excess of the bolts off because i think they may come in handy for straps or bungies.
trusted smiles (author) 6 years ago
thankyou all for your intrest and comments.
don't you use spell check? hit the books a little more, you could improve your spelling, but a very nice trailer any way.
DIYfan6 years ago
Great project, timely subject too. Perfect for people trying to use cars less.
Great stuff! I totally know what I am going to do with the bed frame that my wife wants me to throw out.
yes, (free) angle iron bed frames are the best! i turned a flat bed car trailer into a 4' deep utility trailer with a couple of scavanged bed frames. bad picture of it here, loaded,wrapped and covered with a mattress before my x-country trip:
jws4407 years ago
good work.
dyunn28 years ago
very nice work, i have seen other bike trailers but this one is more secure i guess. well done. i'l try to mix up ideas. is it not hard to move during turns? tnx
Congrats! Nice project. Have you considered ditching the part of the box that constitutes the wheel wells? All they would appear to do is add weight and increase your frontal area, creating more drag. Do they serve a purpose other than enclosing the wheels?
trusted smiles (author)  cirrostratus8 years ago
all the designs that i see have the wheels on show. so i know what your talking about yes your right it would help remove so weight and the wells dont serve much of a perpose exsept alittle more space on top. however i have growen to like them like this and feel it is worth that extra effort. next time i build a trailor i will try aluminum frame and a light weight containor from plastic but i cant see this beeing very strong more built for speed i suppose.
TossManual8 years ago
Nicely done, great instructable. I especially like the wheel wells. Nice, solid trailer. The only problem with it would be weight, I would think. With all the steel and thick wood, you'll get great quads hauling groceries with this thing!
trusted smiles (author)  TossManual8 years ago
your proberly right! so far i havenot had the chance to test it fully loaded good job i got a 18 speed mounting bike! i might beable to get it to move. it looks big in the pictures but its not that large in life, it rolls well on these wheels and i dont think it will be too much of a problem unless trying to ride up realy steep hills. and theres not many where im at. so i should be fine
that thing looks like a tank, I'm guessing you're planning on using it for more than just groceries :)
trebuchet038 years ago
An alternative material for the frame could be bed mattress frames ;) Nice work
trusted smiles (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
would a bed base be very strong?? i was hopeing to build something to last.
DanAdamKOF8 years ago
Great first instructable, I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.
trusted smiles (author)  DanAdamKOF8 years ago
DanAdamKOF thankyou for your comment it was appreciated :D
trusted smiles (author) 8 years ago
cheers guys for your comments i will take note and try to add more info in time. and once i've had alittle more pratice at useing this site :D
latobada8 years ago
Nice, maybe state what it is and a little information about it in the Introduction to the product, but other than that nice. maybe just talk about building the frame too.