Introduction: Train Bristlebot

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This is my first instructable, so no mean comments. :)  I wanted a bristle bot so I made one that looks like a train.

Step 1: Supplies

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Supplies :
toothbrush heads: one small,one big
old electric toothbrush ... the cheap kind get the moter from it
bamboo skewer
strong glue - i used caulk
if needed get foam 

Step 2: Gloo

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glue the skewer onto the top of the small brush head and put the  big brush head on the back

Step 3: Mor Gloo

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glue  the battery on to the skewer if needed put it on foam then glue it

Step 4: Shiny!! A.k.a Evn Mor Gloo

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glue the motor in front of the battery 

Step 5: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

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horray!!!!! lets do an opera haw haw! to turn it on put the little wires on the leads of the battery


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