Picture of training wheels for your helicopter.
Or perhaps more appropriately training balls.

This is an old idea reminded to me by Zach Radding.

It works great.


You break your new remote control helicopter every time you try to learn to use it.


You give it training stabilizers.

Step 1: Add stabilizer arms and ping pong ball ends.

Picture of add stabilizer arms and ping pong ball ends.
two pieces of carbon fiber rod or even wooden dowel work great. you need 4 rubber bands and 4 old ping pong balls too.

cross the two pieces of carbon rod and elastic band them to the bottom of helicopter.
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rgreene111 year ago
I found two old fishing rod and use the smaller ends nip off the eyelets and use some strap ties and it works great thanks for the ideal
Kryptonite5 years ago
The problem with mine is I keep hitting the roof!
build a higher roof...;)))

I'd have to move my upstairs though :P
;D or learn to fly better!
Dig down!
Never buy those airhogs, invest in a gyro, they are alot better
you can get those cheep rc helis at k-mart, jaycar, targt with gyros
fly upstairs and have no roof
Gets blown away; sadly.
use string!
Emoo8 years ago
Nice and simple...now I just need to find some wire rod. Did the helicopter have any noticeable difficulty lifting the extra payload?
Most good helicopters (electric or glow) should have no problem with extra weight but cheep crapy toysRus types might not be able to. How ever they could affect the balance of some small electric and probably some glow too. Just make sure their evenly balanced.
just what is cheap in you opinion?
Haha, Ahhh the sound of a newbie RC pilot... The "cheap" helicopters are any thing from $10 - 150. The helicopters that are expensive range from $150 - 2000. It is not a cheap hobby.
I've just bought a $160 :D I think I'm making progress in this hobby.
I guess it won't be my hobby .
is a double horse 9098 cheap???
I got that and a similar helicopter that cost twice as much.
asingh403 years ago
Great work and I have got great idea. I will also try to make balance like this. This is good use of ping pong ball.
Chowmix124 years ago
Does this stabilize as well as protect, or does it just protect your blades?
FrozenIce5 years ago
can i use Styrofoam balls ?
xproplayer6 years ago
Could this be used on micro little more suseptable (sorry for spelling) to breaking
almost definitely not, the helicopter would not be able to support the weight. I have a havoc heli and it barely even hold up a playing card!
Tmbo179327 years ago
May i ask what do these things do? becuase i got R.C heli yesterday and it fys fine!
this is for people who have trouble flying their r\c helicopter.
This is a great idea. I have a 4 channel helicopter and have crashed it a few times. I will be making this instead of purchasing a similar product for $15 to $20.
redpill7 years ago
you could probly just go out and buy some some training gear for the same price and it would work better. i got mine when i started flying for like 9 bucks.
andresm8 years ago
i have a model helicopter and when i bought it the store keeper suggested i should buy "the training gera set" ans it had this... and even with this on.. i broke it. one of the sticks fell off and the weight of the helicopter went to one side, making it flip over and brake...
seen53 andresm7 years ago
now that really sucks nuggets...
jacob_uk7 years ago
take that tape off your flybar paddles, its putting them out of balance, and its not stuck down properly.
philipster7 years ago
u know helis go come with these is the box : l
not all helis come with them
pierson7 years ago
Great idea, I will try it. I have a similar heli, the eSky CoCo Lama (where do they get these names?) I seem to have a problem with getting the blades balanced. The company that sold it said to buy spare blades and practice. Ha! I've already completely rebuilt the (purely cosmetic, I'm told) boom that hangs off the back. The '4-in-1' radio receiver/servo controller apparently has a built-in gyro. I'd like to try a very complicated project, using a feedback system from the heli to the transmitter. Install perhaps a 3-axis accelerometer, fast transmitter from the heli, and install a receiver in the transmitter with a micro to transmit commands back to the heli. Concerns that I want to address are: decelerating too quickly near the ground, and avoiding 'ground effect' from being too close to the ground (solve this by quickly jumping to a stable altitude when taking off). Adding some sort of altitude measurement would probably be necessary, perhaps a sensitive digital barometer. I was thinking bluetooth might be acceptable. Also, having a micro in the transmitter might allow programmed flight/autopilot. Any thoughts?
andrepcg7 years ago
i've made one of those for my helicopter and they're really cool. nice tutorial!
nerfer1927 years ago
hg3418 years ago
hee hee training balls
clark hg3417 years ago
haha, very nice.
tba4698 years ago
Where do you get the rods from?
blop123118 years ago
I have the exact same helicopter.... frikin hard to fly/control
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