Picture of transform that xmas ham..2-4-1 ible
LEFTOVERS ! Some people hate them, my sons in-laws refuse to keep leftovers and several friends only want fresh made meals. Personally I think they are insane, I look at a refrigerator full of cooked food and think about all the possibilities they present for tantalizing my tastebuds quickly and easily. That doesn't even include the casseroles, chili's and stews I make huge batches of so I only have to cook once a week !

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are my favorites because we ALWAYS have left over ham, In this 2 for 1 "ible"  I will show 2 of my favorite ways to use this delectable meat, one quick version of ham salad (there are many many versions) and my take on Deviled ham

  Let me apologize in advance for the poor quality pics, they look good on the camera with my glasses but on the comp they look blurry... maybe I need new glasses ...
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Step 1: Shop in your refrigerator

Picture of Shop in your refrigerator
This "ible" is NOT a recipe, think of it as a guide, the ingredients I'm using are ones I had available, feel free to add or subtract as you want to fit your or your families taste.

 couple lbs of left over ham
 green peppers
 Jalapenos ( I buy large cans of pickled jalapenos at a local mexican store, they come with sliced carrots. After I open the can I store them in the large jar, would they be considered leftovers as well?)
 mayonaise or salad dressing
 horse radish sauce
 Habanero hot sauce
  You will also need a food processor, a knife and some bowels as well as a firm, clean, surface to cut on

Step 2: Ham salad

Picture of Ham salad
chunk your ham into pieces that won't make your food processor release its magic blue smoke, put it in the processor and chop it up, I like mine pretty fine but that is another variable that is up to you. In a bowl combine the chopped ham, onions, green peppers and mayonnaise or salad dressing and make a sandwich, or stuff a tomato or serve with crackers or refrigerate and use it later !
I agree with Penolopy :0)
Great way to reuse ham :)
l8nite (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thank you for leaving a comment ! To be honest though, I'll buy a ham JUST to make deviled ham and/or ham salad
There's nothing wrong with that! It's great when you can make recipes whenever, whether as your intended meal or with leftovers!