sick of stupid looking new mouses? tired of your classic single button mac mouses lack of ... anything but one button? ill show you how to transplant the innards of a cheapo goodwill mouse into your mac mouse to make the perfect balance of style and functionality!
its a good couple hours of work, but its a dirt cheap project, good for practicing those case mod skillz.

Step 1: Gather Materials.

first you obviously need to get a classic mac single button mouse. check goodwill or maybe eBay, or potentially under a pile of junk in your closet. next you need an optical mouse with a small enough board to fit in the mac mouse (fortunately most optical mouses have clear or translucent bases witch makes this a much easier process).
As far as tools, you'll need a hot glue gun, a screwdriver, and various cutting and prying tools. i found a dremil tool very helpful for some parts but I'm sure if your creative enough you can figure out something else that would work. speaking of witch creativity is basically a requirement with this one =)
why would you want to use an apple mouse? they're uncomfortable as heck.<br><br>
Logitech mice tend to be best for that version of ADB mouse because they are square small profile, not to wide and relatively low density but the Microsoft optical looks good too.
Whats funny is the ADB&nbsp;Mouse II&nbsp;was made by Logitech themselvs, as was the hockey puck mouse<br />
an easier way to do this is just to use a windows mouse that connects to usb. if you are going for looks then i see why you would do it.
2 suggestions. 1st. Get thee to a store and purchase thine DREMEL(or dremel like tool) on second thought... put it on your MadModders wish list! 2nd, Strip both mice to bare plastic, put them bottom to bottom, and use a marker, to mark off the openings. then, using your newly purchased dremel, cut out the marked plastic. 3rd, try not to use a WORKING mouse, if at all possible. Working classic hardware should be revered and saved. Find a local computergeek(or machead) and see if they'll exchange a non-functional unit for your working model. 4th(I know i know, I said 2 suggestions) remove one of the usb ports from your case. Rewire the header cable using an ADB port. Then, rewire the Mouse, using the origional ADB cable. They are both conveniently 4-wire solutions!
I tried that except the end of the ADB cable inside the mouse doesn't reach to the header so I'm trying to work around that now.
I made this almost exactly five years ago. It's a converted Apple M0100 mouse, the type used on the original Macintosh.
verry nice! forgot to mention, mine is the apple desktop bus mouse
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lol thts kewl i need to ttly do this....only i caqnt fidn a mac mouse like tht anywhere D:

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