the flies are annoying and there are millions of them.
there is a solution.

Step 1: Material Necessary

Step 2: Making the Trap

cut the bottom of the small bottle.
make a hole in the middle of the lane of small bottle diameter.
put the small bottle into the hole to the middle.

Step 3: Bait

the best bait is the meat.
flies like more the things that smell bad, for this leave the meat in the sun.

Step 4: Done

the flies will come and will eat but do not leave because they are stupids
<p>Very awesome, indeed!</p>
<p>i used a flash light on the oposite site of the hole to attract them at night again using a simple hole.<br>I am using this in my tomato garden trying to catch some (stink) bugs that are damaging my tomatoes.</p><p>i also used some bate that is probably not right for the case.<br>a project addition<br>let's see how this midnight hack goes in the morning!</p>
Great now you get to smell rotten meat.... Oh wait ... That attracts flys... .... More flys then you had before ... We're did they all come from.... There was 3 befor the meat.... Now there's 3000000 and counting
<p>I've used a similar trap using a clear one gallon water jug. I drill a 1/4&quot; hole on the cap and spray black paint on the upper 1/3 of the jug. When the flies enter, its to lay their eggs on the rotting meat. They go towards the light looking for a way out, not trying to go out the same way they came in. Any meat or fish works well, especially if you cover half of the bait with water. Unless you stick you nose to the opening and squeeze the jug, you won't smell a thing as long as you keep it outside in the shade. When the flies stop coming in, dump your jug, and make a new one!</p>
Haha... This would be a good wasp trap.... But pouring beer in it instead of the meat... As they would go in and then drowned
As much as i hate flies... i would hate to smell that raw spoiled meat/chicken too... this project is simplistic but i would put something else to attract the flies.. something like a chemical

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