Picture of trash 2 treasure 6, variations on a theme
On a recent mining the curbs outing I found 10 solar lights, some the dollar store variaty and some fairly nice ones, all of them worked! I then kept my eyes open for interesting objects to attach the lights to. The table I am working at is a combination of curb finds as is the hotglue gun !

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
You can purchase or repurpose all these supplies or use others, here is what I found and or bought.

 solar lights
 empty wine bottle
 empty liqueur bottle
 a large plastic pretzel container
 hotglue and gun

 glass candle holder/vase $
 decorative glass rounds $

Step 2: The bottles

Picture of the bottles
very simple, run a bead of hotglue around the mouth of the bottle and stick the solar light in place. the bottles are heavy enough that they won't blow over in the wind

Step 3: Going BIG

Picture of going BIG
the large plastic container needed some kind of weight. I had a small bucket of marbles I'd found but that would barely make a dent in the bottom of the container. A quick trip to the dollar store were I found a glass cylinder that would take up some of the space and possibly allow the light to shine through the marbles, I also grabbed a couple bags of glass rounds.  I put some hotglue on the bottom of the glass and stuck it to the bottom of the plastic container

Step 4: Don't lose your marbles !

Picture of don't lose your marbles !
The glass cylinder didn't leave a lot of room for large hands holding a bunch of marbles, I was dropping marbles all over the place until I put them in a plastic shopping bag, tore off one corner and VIOLA, the marbles went where I wanted them very easily! I then added the glass blobs. I may need a couple more dollars worth to fill the conatiner

Step 5: The light

Picture of the light
I cut a circle from the center of the lid that the "lens" of the solar light would fit tightly into and then ran a bead of hotglue around the bottom side
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nice idea! i'm footling around with some cheap solar lights atm and this might just be an answer to what in hell i am meant to be doing with them :) thank you!
l8nite (author)  DreddPirateBob2 years ago
Thank you for commenting ! I'm always thinking outside the box, I'm looking for a large olive oil can to make a pierced lantern kind of lamp from, using a solar light. Cut a hole in the top for the light and some kind of design around the sides. Let us see what you come up with !
Ooo sounds interesting. i take it you've asked at resteraunts (spelling?!) and the like. We used to get through loads when i worked in a kitchen.
l8nite (author)  DreddPirateBob2 years ago
actually I only thought about it yesterday so I haven't even asked around, I also have several paint cans that might work