Picture of trash to treasure 1
Ok so maybe not treasure in this case but for every thing form Geo Caching to support for standing when you strain your back or if like me you just have a bad back, a walking stick or staff comes in handy. I did a similar "ible" 2 years ago but these are slightly better pictures and I really like the one of the finished stick on my driveway.. nope no "ible" on the driveway, its just years of being used as a painting surface !
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
I started out with a curb rescued curio shelf, they come in lots of styles with 3 or 4 legs straight like these are or curved and more architectural. I've found that they usually just unscrew in sections by hand but this time I needed a pair of slip joint pliers

Step 2: Assemble

Picture of assemble
easy isn't it ! Now just screw as many pieces together as you need, I like mine to be between my shoulder and chin height. Of course you can sand and paint to your liking. If you plan on hiking in on soft ground or woodlands you can use one of the double ended screws on the bottom or purchase a rubber chair foot to prevent sliding on paving

Step 3: Walk with safety

Picture of walk with safety
the longest journey begins with the first step, begin your journey with safety
bendog383 years ago
I like this. This is quite resourceful. I will try this. What, may I ask, is the pole made of?

l8nite (author)  bendog383 years ago
I'm not sure what kind of wood it is, it's light weight so either pine or poplar? Of course you might get lucky and find a nice one made of oak or some quality wood but then high quality furniture usually ends up in high dollar resale shops not thrift stores or the curb. Thank you for leaving a comment