Picture of trash to treasure 11- eerie halloween eyes
This is my interpretation of a decoration that has been making the internet rounds using tissue or papertowel rolls. A really cool idea but I didn't feel they would hold up to weather over a long display so here is what I did.
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Step 1: Hunt up materials and tools

Picture of hunt up materials and tools
My first stop was the possibilium pile where I found some short sections of pvc pipe, they are about 5 or 6" long, if I make more I'll make sure they fight the light source but more on that later.
I then grabbed my dremel box and a marker as well as some floral wire and spray paint

Step 2: Eyes 1

Picture of eyes 1
I freehanded some different eye shapes with the marker, you could find some online but really any shape would be cool

Step 3: Eyes 2

Picture of eyes 2
I put a small drill bit in my dremel and used it like a router bit to cut out the eye shapes. I also added 2 holes on the the top of the pipe to add a hanging wire

Step 4: Paint

Picture of paint
pretty self explanatory, find a place to hang your "eyes" and go to town with spray paint, I used flat black

Step 5: Reflector

Picture of reflector
My pvc was kind of dirty AND i got some black over spray inside the pipe so I grabbed some aluminum foil and white glue, ripped a 2x5" piece of foil and glued it inside the pipe

Step 6: Light it up

Picture of light it up
I tried 2 different light sources for my test, the 1st one is a glow stick which gives a really eerie glow, the 2nd was a battery powered "candle" which I wasn't as happy with. The only thing I didn't do was cap off the ends of the pipe but I'm planning on black duct tape (once I buy some) If you notice in the green glowing pic, the glow stick kind of sticks out the ends of the pipe so I'll either need shorter glow sticks or cut longer sections of pvc pipe