Picture of trash to treasure #13 demon horse/dragon
This has been a 2 year project, it didn't take 2 years to build but it started for LAST halloween and didn't work out, there are only around 7 hours involved in this actual piece
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Step 1: History

Picture of history
the original idea for this project started several years ago, I had in mind something along the lines of the steads in the Harry Potter movie that pull the coach but mine would be pulling a floating "hearse". I went to my possibilium pile and pulled out some pvc pipe, some electrical cable and assorted bits and pieces then set to work building a frame. Well, the material wasn't strong enough for the size of the creature and it started to bend and warp. I shelved the project until I found different materials. ( I still like the bleach bottle "hoofs" idea)

Step 2: Materials

Picture of materials
fast forward a few months and I found a couple of large Christmas reindeer and the gears started turning again, then I found a roll of package wrapping (like saran wrap) a little electrical cable to fill in some areas, a length of pvc to make the legs longer and a heat gun and I was ready to GO !

Step 3: Build it

Picture of build it
First I wanted it a little taller and an extra bend in the legs so I cut off about 12" sections of pvc that slipped over the legs, heated it with a heat gun and bent it. I slipped the extensions on and added some hot glue to temporarily hold them in place. One of the reindeer had an stationary neck and one had a moving straighter neck, I only had to bend one wire to mate the 2 neck and heads but now it was front heavy ! Ok time to add a tail, I used about a 7' piece of aluminum electrical cable to form the top of the tail and ran it up inside the body, a couple of shorter pieces made the sides. I then took some scraps of wire and extended the haunches and wired everything together
General Zod2 years ago
You have the makings of a sweet Jersey Devil there, sir:

l8nite (author)  General Zod2 years ago
Having been born and raised in South Jersey I am very familiar with the legend of the Jersey Devil, I suppose the wings and neck sound somewhat like some descriptions of the Jersey Devil. Thank you for leaving a comment looked a lot like a sketch from a late-19th or early-20th century news article I saw about the cryptid. I normally check out your food 'ibles when I want something tasty and relatively easy to make for din-din. You have yet to steer me in the wrong direction, sir. French fry tater salad....'nuff said.
l8nite (author)  General Zod2 years ago
now look what ya done did... went an made me blush.... LMAO...... I'm glad you enjoy my gustatory experimentations , I want people to understand its OK to play with your food !
linrodann2 years ago
Looks very nice! And I love your phrase "possibilium pile". ^_^
l8nite (author)  linrodann2 years ago
Thank you for leaving a comment. I heard a similar word on a tv show and adapted it to possibilum because my scrap piles are a source of endless possibilities. The dragon got a lot of attention from the kids in line for our home haunt and my granbrats love it;. Now I have to find a place to store it !