I needed side rails to secure stuff while out curb mining but I didn't want to spend any money, here's what I did. Sorry for the lack of photos but I didn't have my camera available

Step 1: Materials

I've been keeping my mind open and eyes searching for something to make siderails out of for my 2nd truck, the 1st truck has the legs from a recycled trampoline that fit perfectly and look unique. I realized that the aluminum top rail for patio door curtains fit almost perfectly in the pocket holes of my little ranger and the boards from under a bed were cedar, wow, now all I needed was screws which I quickly dug out of a save can. A section of wire shelving would help protect my back glass and the heavy screen from an air conditioner would cover my sliding back window and keep out the leaves
Good job. <br> <br>I have a suggestion: add &quot;fingers&quot; or hooks to bars. If you put them on the edge of one of the bars pointing to the other, they don't bother. They will be useful in fixing things, you will not be forced to thread the rope or pass the ball between the bars. With a quick motion you shall put it, and then you get back the same way.
Thank you for the idea, I considered adding something like that or the cleat on a boat but the holes where quick and easy and with the wire, ropes and ratchet straps I have a wide range of ways to secure things

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