Step 1: Required items

Picture of required items
for1 this project you will need the following items: A small project box, a on and off button, A soldering gun and solder. shrink tubing, A computer fan, a 9 volt battery and battery clip, a few small drill bits and a drill . Optional is a hot glue gun and lighter. .  

Step 2: Drilling the holes

Picture of drilling the holes
The first step is really to hot glue the 9 volt battery clip on the inside of the project box but if you decided not to use hot glue or you didn't have a hot glue gun your first step is to drill the holes. For this part you will need to drill ether two or three hole. In the photos you can see I decided to drill three hole. For the wires I found a small drill bit that was about the diameter of the wires. Next I found a spade bit that was about the size of the washer that cam with my button. The first two holes are to run the fan wires into the project box. The next hole is to set the button into place. After placing the button you can lock it into place using the provided washer. I would recommend a on and off button because they are easy to wire and because they stay on unlike momentary buttons. 
rimar20005 years ago
This is an excellent and interesting project, but it will be appreciated only by people who are forced to travel daily in vehicles without air conditioning.

I say this from experience, I had a battery operated fan and it often was essential to me.
I'm going to make one of these that is incorporated into an airsoft face shield because summer playing gets hot wearing a plastic mask
blakllll (author)  rimar20005 years ago
i feak your pain I ride my bike and Longboard alot and am forced to be in the heat all day  
dnorris32 years ago
This is perfect for my needs. I want a small fan to attach to the mirror end of a Newtonian reflector telescope to bring the inside air to ambient temperature and dissipate any refractive air layers over the surface of the mirror. Nicely done!
andrew19945 years ago
i have something like that but the fan is a 110volt fan i bought at radioshack, a 6ft exyension cord i cut one end off for power and everything in the fan is store bought
pagangod5 years ago
i made one of these with a PS2s fan and a 9 volt battery, good job
blakllll (author)  pagangod5 years ago
thank I did my best