Step 5: How to Install

When you're ready to install your tree charm take along some extra stiff wire, these will form the hook or wrap required to make sure your creation stays in place once installed. There are two methods to installing tree charms:

Add a few stiff wires to an anchor point on your tree charm, then bend the loose ends into hooks. These hooks will act like barbs and will catch a branch of the tree when thrown into the foliage. This method may not be suitable for all trees, and you risk loosing your tree charm on any given gusty day. This may be part of your aim, if you want your tree charms as a temporary display only.

If your tree allows, you can climb the tree and find a branch that suits your needs (and comfort with heights), and simply wrap a length of stiff wire from your tree charm to the branch. Securing it against possibly windy days and keeping your tree charm in place for the long haul.
That is so interesting, I am going to make a couple some time.
Charming! Looks like a giant futuristic cicada.
I like this. put in some solar lights from those yard solar lights, and they will light up. Just remember that wrapping trees will kill the branch if it grows a lot.
You could add some LEDs and put them on your porch for Halloween, or in the yard as guides to you porch if the yard is nice and dark.<br>
I think this idea is great, and a lot of fun. One thing to keep in mind though, it that if you tie, or strap something to a tree branch, after a couple years, it will kill that branch. Using a nail or a screw to secure the art will ensure the health of the tree if the art is to stay there long-term.
I suppose it really depends on how tight you tie your wire and the size of the branch. Because the wire is so stiff there is less 'binding' on the tree and more 'securing the wire to itself'. I do not believe there is any danger of killing the branch.
Love it! Them!
What a great idea, that is really cool. I love the butterfly.
Sweet! Thanks for sharing!
You could also anchor these by throwing a weighted line into (and through) the tree, pulling the charm up and tying the line off where you can reach it.<br><br>

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