Treefrog Friend


Introduction: Treefrog Friend

This treefrog friend was knitted by a squid friend. ;) Both are Hansigurumi patterns. I used fingering-weight wool yarn and smaller needles instead of the worsted weight called for in the pattern. A vinyl toy helped with some of the tedious sewing of toes.



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    how did u make it?
    btw i think its cool and looks like a real tree frog.
    The squid's cute too.

    I love the squid!

    coolio. wish i could do them but i just cant knit with as much freedom as i crochet.

    great work - and I love the photos!

    Beautiful work!  And what a talented squid. ;)

    Beautiful work!  And such a talented squid. ;)

    Gorgeous photos!  Also, your sewing stitches on the toes are very impressive- almost invisible, which is difficult to do with knitting.  Thanks for listing your pattern source!

    You have such talented friends!

    And your photographs are excellent - you certainly set a benchmark there.