video TriPad - iPad Concept Speedart
The triPad, the latest in Apple Technology, coming soon to stores near you! Just kidding!

So basically, this is a concept art I decided to do, using Photoshop CS6. I thought of the idea when I was joking around with my friends and the topic of those fake iPads came up in conversation. I made the (terrible) joke of it being called the myPad, then immediately thought of a triPad, a triangular shaped touchscreen computer tablet!

I also decided to make a speedart (timelapse) and I uploaded it to my personal graphics channel. And incase you didn't catch the giant banner on the video, my Youtube is www.youtube.com/zonedarts

 hope you enjoy, and please rate, comment and subscribe if you like my work!

PS. I sell graphics, incase anyone reading this ever needs some work doing! (Yay, free advertising!)

Here is an image of the final product:

Tripad_zpsd3b18d64 photo Tripad_zpsd3b18d64-1_zpsb2fbee29.jpg
phillipcd1 year ago


Centure1 year ago
How would this fit in your pocket comfortably? :D
Awesome CAN I use this to prank MY FRIENDS???
slithien2 years ago
ryry20112 years ago
Nice, but why is it still on iOS 4? :D
TSC2 years ago
Thats pretty cool!
bwrussell2 years ago
Careful, Dunder Mifflin might sue. :D
nfk112 years ago
wow that's cool
Hiyadudez (author)  nfk112 years ago
Thanks buddy :-)
nfk11 Hiyadudez2 years ago
you're welcome :)
looks neat
Hiyadudez (author)  daredevil4992 years ago
Thanks :-D