Introduction: Tricked Out Xbox Controller

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Step 1: Getting Recourses

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Get these:

Tape (not duck)

Your black xbox controller


Step 2: Tricking It Out

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Get the tape and wrap around the grips

Step 3:

Picture of

Now tape the d-pad

Step 4: Finishing Touchis

Line the rest of the controller with the tape

Step 5: This Is My First One to Do

So leave comments on what I should do next


cacj131 (author)2015-03-01

Nice but not very original. Think of something new.

bobguerra (author)cacj1312016-01-10

I think its a joke kinda dry joke but still funny

bobguerra (author)2016-01-10


mcb0501 (author)2014-07-04

Ok I will try

nathanwide (author)2014-06-29

Yeah, it's pretty obvious and kinda lame, next time try to thing of something more original and creative

idle_hands (author)2014-06-29

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