i found that no matter wherei looked at online, that the backrests available did not meet my needs! or more specifically my girfriends!

they were either too small, too low, or meant i had to lose my rentec sports rack (not happening).

I wanted a big comfy back pad, adjustable in height, and rake.....that i could still keep my rack... so i decided to make my own.

parts used:

2 x bmx clamps
2 x steel pipes
2 x exhaust clamps (long thread)
1 x piece of stainless
4 x bungs
1 x packet of upholstery pins
1 x can of matte black
1 x ebay back pad
1 x piece of mdf (coated)

tools used:

jiigsaw, hammer, angle grinder, allen keys, bench grinder, bench drill, hole saws.

Step 1: Whats Comfy - Oh... a Goldwing

The first thing i did, was source a comfy backpad. What better than a goldwing pad -for 2 quid- from ebay?
Ugly? Hell no, sir, a pro job! Nice! :)
if you search ebay for... sissy / backrest / pad... the you will come up with something. if you have any pictures i could add my take on your project. The trick is to get the the right design for you...and you'll be happy comfy and safe!! cheers matt
How did you search for this? What did you type in? All I get are lumbar supports (crappy) and head rests!
That is EXACTLY what i am trying to design for my Vespa. But it has to actually go through the middle of the seat. Any suggestions? I have the foam, can build an insert with post, and then get it upholstered. But I'd love your take on how to build this for the middle of the seat! <br>Awesome job, by the way!
Love it! Did the same on my Ninja 650, so now the Mrs. will ride with me more often.
Like it. Racing speed, cruiser comfort!
Nearly fell asleep = highest praise. Nice build!
Nice build, a backrest sure helps on those long trips. <br />I suggest putting your finished backrest as the first picture to give people an idea of what you've made. <br /> <br />Also, I like your bike.
nice one yeah good idea!

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