Trophy Bottle Topper





Introduction: Trophy Bottle Topper

Top your decanter, olive oil bottle, or even screw cap bottles with a fun and decorative trophy bottle topper.

These are quick and easy to make, and would be the perfect gift to bring along with a bottle of wine as a present for the host. This topper upcycles some old trophies that I had lying around, but the technique is easily customizable to suit all kinds of toppers.

Ready? Let's make!

Step 1: Disassemble Trophy

The first step is to disassemble the trophies. I found these trophies in a box of used goods, there were all kinds of trophies from soccer to basketball. Some trophies were simple, while others had ornate decorations. I chose to use trophies that had interesting elements.

Most trophies are screwed together with 1/4" - 20 threaded bolts, these are easily unscrewed by hand by holding to the trophy base and unscrewing the trophy topper.

Step 2:

For the cork stopper I found a 12 pack of plastic topped bottle corks that were perfect for all the trophies I had.

Using a 1/4" drill bit I drilled an opening into the center of the plastic top about halfway through the cork.

Step 3: Epoxy

I used a 2-part epoxy to glue the trophies into the opening of the bottle toppers.

Mixing equal parts of the epoxy together I put a small dab inside each drilled opening and then inserted the threaded end of the trophy into the drilled opening.

Each trophy wine topper was set aside to cure completely before using.

Step 4: Pop the Wine!

Once the epoxy is cured the wine toppers should be hand washed before they are used.

You're now ready to save any leftover wine with fancy wine toppers...Though, why would there be any wine leftover?

Do you have your custom wine topper? I want to see it! Leave a comment below with your version and get a free Pro Membership!



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Très astucieux de donner une deuxième et belle vie à des choses qui trainaient dans les tiroirs ..!

Merci. Si vous postez des photos de votre version, vous pouvez obtenir un abonnement gratuit Pro.

Да ты гребаный гений, чувак!!!!

Nice idea!

Genius. Love it. Now I want to prowl the resale shops and give this a try

Who needs wine? I use leftover fancier bottles from alcohol to store my cooking oil. I have my canola oil in a washed out Gran marnier bottle, I had my extra virgin olive oul in a godiva liquer bottle until my fiance dropped it and broke it, now it is in a former sherry wine bottle. Avocado oil I have in an empty tequila bottle... You get the idea. I think I need to add trophy toppers. I wonder if I can come up with an indestructible banner from one trophy hand to another to say what type of oil it is....

This is a seriously awesome hack! There are always so many trophies in the thrift store, and I've wanted to buy one but had no idea what to do with them! Problem solved (thumbs up).

Well done. I actually think I may be able to do one myself.

So kitschy, I love it! Makes me want to fill my bar shelf with half drank bottles of wine.

Love this idea Mikeasaurus! You are so good at stuff.