True Knex Trigger





Introduction: True Knex Trigger

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i was anoyed at t he block triggers so i made this block triger that works basicaly like a true trigger

Step 1: What You Need

ok look at the pic my k-nex is a bit old so your colors might be different

Step 2: Now Biuld It

build it if u cant ur .....

Step 3: Add the Rubber Band

add the rubber band (this triger can be moded easly to fit a specific gun



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    I cant even see the trigger cuz of the picture lol

    really bad trigger, i have a better one shaped almost like that one.


    Uhh you're annoyed at block triggers and you made one? How smart.

    ok that is so lamemy trigger is way better lol ill add it today

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    ? wtf? umm dude take an english class cuz i have no idea what u just said......

    This is really good!
    Thanks for this idea! =D
    My gun is finally complete XD

    Uhmm... I don't wanna be rude, but this is the newer K'NEX colors!!! XP

    my other 1 is gonna be a rubber-band launcher! it might take a while to build!

    About that "Modded to a specific gun" part; does this mean you don't want any credit for that?

    wow, do you mind if i use this in my pistol which will be posted today?

    thanks for the trigger so i can put it on my new gun


    Thanks for the Instructable... really helped me to get an idea of what I was going to make for my next gun. Thanks! :)

    blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!!!!!!!!!!!! need new cam

    theres no problem with it its just if u make a real triger its more life like

    Here are some pictures of my gun. Please give ideas for improvement.(obviously u know how it works)

    Video Snapshot 3.tiffVideo Snapshot 4.tiff

    its a good gun and it re locks it self (right block triger) umm my triger wont fit on it unless its a rifle ummm it uses a firing pin right if it does try to make the barrel longer and and alonger firing pin and a bigger rubber band and make the well iono its ur choice


    my gun is similar to that, make sure you have a black rod for the firing pin, and anchor big rubber bands at the front, Move the block trigger back some for more power.

    How many rubber bands did u put on it?

    o i was talking about your gun umm on my guns i usualy put 1 rubber band for the triger and 1-3 rubber bands for the firing pin im working on how to make a triger wthout a rubber band like gears and weights