This is my greatest gun yet!!!!
this gun includes:
  • more than 10 shots
  • about a 6 foot range (with 1 rubber band)
  • a true trigger
  • and a descent scope

Step 1: Barrel and Scope

build what you see.

Step 2: The Cartridge

build the cartridge.

Step 3: The Ram

build the ram

Step 4: Stock:A and Trigger

build the half stock and trigger

Step 5: Stock:B

build the other half of the stock

Step 6: The Handle

build the handle

Step 7: Put It Together

put it all together. i have a lot of pictures to help

Step 8: Add the Rubber Bands

add the rubber bands i have a lot of pictures to help

Step 9: What It Shoots

here is what it shoots thank you for building :D
you used THAT wimpy rubberband? i have 1/2 inch wide rubberbands. you DO NO want to be snapped with one of those. make pretty good power sources, though.
Lolz you watch too many comercials
no, my brother says that constantly.
sweet i finally got around to bulid it and its sweet!!!!!!!!!
6 Foot isn't really far... I'm 6' already xD
Ha ha.... :(
Hmm... Its a bit....weak. Its ok, though. I noticed that the barrel is bent upwards quite a bit. Looks like it works though,
oh I know y its weak the rubber bands intervene with it shooting put them some where else!!
ill tell you where to put em! JK
jk means jerk right
jk = just kidding<br/>
oh ok
I mean the frame.
hey i edited it so its a lot better!
1 ok 2 thanks
<sup></sup> <sup></sup><br/>
how do you do the no text comments? every time i try, it just tells me i need to type a letter.
I know how type the equals sign I think
it works. next comment i will type just the equals sign.
lemme try....see my next comment
yay, it worked!!
Click on the I for italics, then type a space, then ya gotcherself a no text comment!<br/><br/><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup>NOT</sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup><br/>
what do you mean"..."?
If you type that, it gives you a no-text comment.<br/><br/><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup>noob!lol jk</sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup><br/>
im working on a sniper:):):):):):)i just built the under barrel grenade launcher like one minute ago
i built the rest of the gun from different ideas i had. im gonna go shoot it right now... AAAAAAAA!!!!!!! the grenade lancher mis fired and the whole gun blew up!!!!
ha ha ha lol!! :)
yeah, it sucked. the gun didnt really explode, but shrapnel went flying into the gun(and my face), and, before that, when i did the shots out of the mag, it only shot 10 ft with 3 rbs. it wasnt that great, so, i just stopped.im workin on a coaster right now. im gonna use some plastic dinos around a rollercoater, and then i will call it &quot;<em>jurassic park: the ride.'<strong>it will be cool, but not if you dont have some plastic dinosaurs(i have an RC t-rex that my sister's terrified of.). i know, i like <em>jurassic park</em>too much.wow.long comment.</strong></em><br/>
imm postponing the coaster to build a few guns on this site.
long packed with lol

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