Picture of true trigger bolt action knex gun
knex gun 015.jpg
i wanted to make my own true trigger knex gun , so i tried some different i ideas and i think ive come up with a new trigger design. I no the gun is pretty basic but if you want an easy to make true trigger bolt action knex gun this is it.
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Step 1: Building the trigger

Picture of building the trigger
knex gun 010.jpg
the peice is pretty easy to make how ever you may have to force the white rod through the green conector

Step 2: Building the breach

Picture of building the breach
knex gun 012.jpg
knex gun 020.jpg
knex gun 018.jpg
knex gun 012.jpg
knex gun 019.jpg
this step can be very hard to put together i used a screw driver and a hammer to insert the grey rods into all the connectors

Step 3: Building the bi-pod,block , main support and ram

Picture of building the bi-pod,block , main support and ram
knex gun 007.jpg
knex gun 005.jpg
knex gun 013.jpg
sorry i havent really included detailed pics on the bi-pod but its really simple

Step 4: Putting it together

Picture of putting it together
knex gun 015.jpg
knex gun 003.jpg
knex gun 013.jpg
inserting the trigger onto the main support may be a little tricky you may have to use some force

Step 5: The magazine

Picture of the magazine
sorry not very good instructions if you find it to hard there are many instructions for magazines on this site

Step 6: Rubberbands

Picture of rubberbands