this is my truely semi auto knex gun you pull the trigger i shoots. some of u will look at it an say it isnt semi automatic but it is. it shoots blue rods. if i get enough ppl that want instuctions i will make instructions. this is my design the only thing that is not mine is the bi pod. so here are some pros and cons.

good sights
semi automatic
doesnt jam
doesnt need any abnormal peices

shoots 25 ft depending on ruberbands
have to take finger off trigger 2 let it lock back inplace
only holds 6 rods
handle isnt very study
Post plz
PLEASE make instructions
Can u make instructions plz plz plz plz plz plz<br>
sorry i would male instructions but i took it apart an made a 4x4 rock crawler with the trekker engine geared down twice and the trekker tires
i know the mechenism isnt mine but the semi auto rifle is because his is a pistol
please comment <br>
i like it
the semi auto mech isnt yours...
Your point? The automobile wasn't Henry Ford's idea.
umm well... if you can read, the description says that &quot;This gun is mine, the only this thats not mine is the bipod.&quot;<br><br>DutchJ was the first to make the semi auto
but we are not talking about the bipod, now are we - we (you) are talking about the semi auto mechanism
oh my god il make it simple then.<br><br>He should of included that the Semi Auto Mech wasnt his...
Correct. I just realized this conversation got us no where but back towhere we started. Oh well.
Uh...I actually think the creator said the design of this Semi-Auto gun was his... Not the Semi-Auto idea in general. <br> <br> <br>(Somehow I get the feeling I just ruined a joke)
yeah i guess your right.<br><br>and what joke?
What joke?
you said that u get the feeling you ruined a joke
looks like a Berretta CX4 storm

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