Introduction: Truley Free Electricity

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How to use existing technology and devices to create a electrical generator that is powered by thermal energy.

Step 1: Step One

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Getting acquainted with the technology used.
first I want to show the "hand boiler or love meter" I'm sure you've seen these but didn't know if you knew its name so I'm posting its picture.

Basically the boiler works on thermodynamic principles when you "heat" or hold it in your hand the colored liquid starts to "boil" and "evaporate into a gaseous state" rising up to a higher point and re-"condensing" when in contact with "colder surfaces" much like a whiskey thump,then to fall back to the "evaporator as a liquid to be heated again" continuing the cycle.

Step 2: Step Two

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Still getting acquainted, now I want to show you yet another old technology the "tesla turbine" it has always been deemed useless for free energy because it only converts hydrodynamic energy or liquid pressure into torque meaning that it dose not create more energy or simply input=output for those inclined but it basically uses liquid,steam,air-friction against smooth plates to create torrsion wich causes a vortex of swirling liquid so the input of the device is on the outer rim and the liquid disperses through a vent toward the center of the turbine. you will find Instructables here on building one. as an extra bonus the metal disk help the condensing of gas along the way.

Step 3: Step Three

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still getting acquainted,OK so far you got the idea we are going to use the colored liquid to force the turbine to spin which is true but we still need more devices to make electricity now I want to show you the electric motor we will use for a generator the part numbers are visible too so it will help you in your design though I will show my preliminary drawings of the final machine we are building I will not show it in a complete picture as each part is placed in different areas of the home and insulated tubing going between is not color coded so a complete picture is to confusing in my opinion.

any way this is the motor it is a high voltage low rpm dc brush type permanent magnet motor perfect for our project.

Step 4: Step Four

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still getting acquainted, As you might have already guessed the motor is attached to the turbine via a sleeve and a couple of set screws I opted for a rubber bushing to silence any vibration you choose if thats important to you too,here is the optional charge controller if you want to charge deep cycle batteries by the way this schematic comes from a home wind turbie design on a free energy site if you need help building the circuit. without it the generator will produce very high dc voltage which is known to jump or arc a good distance so you'll want to enclose the final device before firing it up.

Step 5: Step Five

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still getting acquainted, this is a rough depiction of a reversal valve manifold I drew in a few seconds to show you , basically it uses an electrically charged electromagnet to draw back the plunger which will block passage to outlet1 and divert flow through outlet2 these are inside any heatpump a/c unit, hopefully the depiction is good enough to help you understand its basic opperation we will be useing it to redirect our colored liquid in the desired directions we want it to go, because in summer the attic is hottest while indoor air is cooler ofcourse that is different in winter months and still it is electricly actuated but that is ok we wont be disconecting from the grid so we will have power available to us even if our device is not running but when it is running we will actually be able to sale power back to the grid.that means youll soon be rich because this thing screams it makes plenty more than you will need for your self.

Step 6: Step Six

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now for the insider secrets ,the colored liquid we are using is a commercial grade alcohol others may be used this one is selected for my application the real thing to note here is the fact that the liquid has a boiling boint meaning it vaporizes at a certian tempoature and will reapear when it reaches jut below that point now if you got ahead and your system isnt working and are thinking maybe my alcohol isn't the same your probably right and should see page 10 for information on this subject.

though most of these liquids are inert when in its condensated form it must stay atleast just a few degrees below that else it is highly flammable and a toxic vapor when inhaled or if it was to accumulate in an unventilated space poisonous and combustible so do be careful using/handling it please

I take no responsibility for your health life or property for your misuse or if you super heat it to high pressure rupture or explosion.

now that said because in most temperate climates all we need to make this system work is a warm temperature of less than 80degC and a cooler temperature around 20-30 degrees less than boiling in most cases we are good accept in the height of summer when outside temps are above 70's I suggest a simple solar panel ,to not only operate a cooling fan on our condenser but cast shade upon it. any good panel for automotive/marine recharge use should be sufficient in fact if you can afford the one in the 12-24v@3-5watt range you may even be able to power your microcontroler and solenoids too ,which means its your choice to stay connected to the grid which I know it is tempting to say take your wires off my house.

I give a picture of a working tesla turbine made from harddrive disk and lexan ,I found it here on Instructables so I know this part of the how to is covered.

Step 7: Step Seven

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now we see the preliminary or first drawing of the system this it is not yet complete so don't go off building & buying yet.

Here we see the simple principal that the system works off of now we get in to the nitty gritty or important stuff like what the micro controller and reversal valves are for.

note: all tubing and cylinders should be stainless steel to prevent creation of corrosive acids in the system which can cause a rupture also a good vacuum should be pulled before filling it to dry any moisture.

This first drawing will only work for you if you live in arctic climates where outside temperatures stay way below 70'S- but realistically how many of us do so we got to think of basic principals here

The condenser must be higher than the evaporator for our system to work so we will want to move both the condenser indoor to cooler climates below mid 70's and heat our evaporator electrically "which must be below our condenser" with heating chord like the veins you feel in moms heating pad or electric blankets this is commercially available I leave it to you to find it.

meanwhile just try to remember condenser above evaporator below and generator in between.

Step 8: Step Eight

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OK so you got the gist of the system ,time for more of those design secrets I keep slowly spilling out.

First I want to talk about gas pressure and volume without really talking about it ..yeah I said that ,in general when you fill a cylinder with a temperate gas you only fill to 80% of its capacity to prevent rupture,the same applies here 80% of the evaporator's capacity not 80% of both but you will want both the evaporator and condenser to have the same capacity, in the event all methanol is in either state hot or cold.

My suggestions on placement of the fluid containers are now described, an evaporator should be placed 1 in attic for summer use and one in the basement heated for winter use, and an condenser should be placed shaded on the roof for mild temperatures with fan and one on the first floor of your house with fan during hotter times and valves placed in all three lines depicted in the first drawing to divert flow.

Mind you we haven't even began discussing the microcontroller yet or its programming or function.

For now I want to get you acquainted with the power inverter in this schematic ,this is required to convert your 12vdc into ac current to use from the outlet this particular one dose not like inductive loads like ie-"electric motors" but it can be modified to produce upto 1kwatts or one thousand watts by upgrading the 2 transistors to higher current ratings and also the transformer too to a higher rating. you can buy one that can handle inductors if you can afford one,Also know you can place as many of these as your battery bank and generator will support in a single cycle.

See the text on the next step for details on the inverter.
Else you can replace electric motors used in the home with dc motors and power them using dc.

Step 9: Step Nine

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ok finaly we'r here. if you are wondering will this realy work I have to answer you ,"Yes ofcorse it will work it is the laws of physics so it has to work", here is the text I told you about for the inverter-
Have you ever wanted to run a TV, stereo or other appliance while on the road or camping? Well, this inverter should solve that problem. It takes 12 VDC and steps it up to 120 VAC. The wattage depends on which tansistors you use for Q1 and Q2, as well as how "big" a transformer you use for T1. The inverter can be constructed to supply anywhere from 1 to 1000 (1 KW) watts.

Important: If you have any questions or problems with the circuit, see the forum topic linked to in the Notes section. It will answer all your questions and provide links to many other (and better) inverter circuits.

Part Total Qty. Description Substitutions
C1, C2 2 68 uf, 25 V Tantalum Capacitor
R1, R2 2 10 Ohm, 5 Watt Resistor
R3, R4 2 180 Ohm, 1 Watt Resistor
D1, D2 2 HEP 154 Silicon Diode
Q1, Q2 2 2N3055 NPN Transistor (see "Notes")
T1 1 24V, Center Tapped Transformer (see "Notes")
MISC 1 Wire, Case, Receptical (For Output)

1.Q1 and Q2, as well as T1, determine how much wattage the inverter can supply. With Q1,Q2=2N3055 and T1= 15 A, the inverter can supply about 300 watts. Larger transformers and more powerful transistors can be substituted for T1, Q1 and Q2 for more power.

2.The easiest and least expensive way to get a large T1 is to re-wind an old microwave transformer. These transformers are rated at about 1KW and are perfect. Go to a local TV repair shop and dig through the dumpster until you get the largest microwave you can find. The bigger the microwave the bigger transformer. Remove the transformer, being careful not to touch the large high voltage capacitor that might still be charged. If you want, you can test the transformer, but they are usually still good. Now, remove the old 2000 V secondary, being careful not to damage the primary. Leave the primary in tact. Now, wind on 12 turns of wire, twist a loop (center tap), and wind on 12 more turns. The guage of the wire will depend on how much current you plan to have the transformer supply. Enamel covered magnet wire works great for this. Now secure the windings with tape. Thats all there is to it. Remember to use high current transistors for Q1 and Q2. The 2N3055's in the parts list can only handle 15 amps each.

3.Remember, when operating at high wattages, this circuit draws huge amounts of current. Don't let your battery go dead.

4.Since this project produces 120 VAC, you must include a fuse and build the project in a case.

5.You must use tantalum capacitors for C1 and C2. Regular electrolytics will overheat and explode. And yes, 68uF is the correct value. There are no substitutions.

6.This circuit can be tricky to get going. Differences in transformers, transistors, parts substitutions or anything else not on this page may cause it to not function.

7.If you want to make 220/240 VAC instead of 120 VAC, you need a transformer with a 220/240 primary (used as the secondary in this circuit as the transformer is backwards) instead of the 120V unit specified here. The rest of the circuit stays the same. But it takes twice the current at 12V to produce 240V as it does 120V.

useing a 240v transformer means you can either replace mains taps in your home and compleatly dissconnect from the grid or conect to the resale station provided by your local grid provider.

The microcontroler and its function ,mainly the controler has to switch heating chords,cooling fans and valve switching and monitoring all canisters at all times to condense and cool gases left residual in unused canisters and maintain safe opperation pressures and monitor batteries and charge controler aswell as decide when to allow electricity diverted back to the grid systems.

I leave programming the controler to you and your suppliers I dont know wich one you will choose I use parallax boards when possible you may want to automate more systems in your house as I did.

The inverter produces upto 1Kwatt with modifications but you may need to modify further for your local grid to find it usefull and find out from them what is required,also if you figure out how to make this inverter useble on inductive loads do contact me with your schematics only if it still supports 1kw or more.
Remember that more than one inverter can be used in any given application.
This was meant to solve the need not for proffit,but hey if there is proffit in it, what the hey help someone else out even me.

My final words:
Ok so you read and understood all you seen, now I question can you build it?

If not I will do work for money.I could not afford to patent the idea for being out of work but I guess it is copyrighted here and the fact that original files nest on my computer so the rest is up to you.
you can contact me initialy by email for consultation/fabrication/install at this address
iamdenteddisk@yahoo-dont forget to add the dot com to it.

Else wise I consider my work on free electricity done and am now off to solve the problems of starveing children and bad drinking water and the futility of war over money. that I guess will be my next few instructables. untill then I will sing a song of praise and dedicate this device to the memory of my father.

Step 10: Done

Picture of Done
Now the most important part of this information this must be used correctly else I am sure you can kill your self so if your not sure you can handle these liquids dont try leave it up to a professional.

ok so here is the actual boiling points of these suitable liquids and what is after is whay the actual bp may vary.
liquidtype boiling point
water bp100degC
isopropyl bp80.3degC
ethanol bp78.4degC
methanol bp 64.7degC acetone bp56.5degC
there are benzines, amonia's and freons that can be used aswell.
fully depending on application and ability to condensate back into liquid form.
now to explain variations in these numbers and actual numbers with the liquids you buy

The first most common reason for varaiance is elevation
The second most common reason for variance is purity, is your obtained chemical pure?

see the explanation below ifnot then you must figure out if it is still useable asin what is the other substances and how will they effect our system?

make sure to read this information carefuly
An azeotrope is a mixture of two or more pure compounds (chemicals) in such a ratio that its composition cannot be changed by simple distillation.[1] This is because when an azeotrope is boiled, the resulting vapor has the same ratio of constituents as the original mixture of liquids. As the composition is unchanged by boiling, azeotropes are also known as constant boiling mixtures (especially in older texts). The word azeotrope is derived from the Greek words for "boil" and "change", combining with prefix "no" to give the overall meaning "no change on boiling".

Types of azeotropes
Each azeotrope has a characteristic boiling point. The boiling point of an azeotrope is either less than the boiling points of any of its constituents (a positive azeotrope), or greater than the boiling point of any of its constituents (a negative azeotrope).

A well known example of a positive azeotrope is 95.6% ethanol and 4.4% water (by weight). Ethanol boils at 78.4degC, water boils at 100degC, but the azeotrope boils at 78.1degC, which is lower than either of its constituents. Indeed 78.1degC is the minimum temperature at which any ethanol/water solution can boil. It is generally true that a positive azeotrope boils at a lower temperature than any other ratio of its constituents. Positive azeotropes are also called minimum boiling mixtures.

now from the chart of useable liquids you must select wich will most perfectly match your application takeing into account its tempurature range ,characteristics,elevation,its and anything it is mixed with's effects on materials used the enviroment and whether or not your able to containment is adequit for either state hot or cold. short and long term efects even the what if senarios of rupture.
some of these chemicals require a special license to purchase in any case ethics life preservation/safty must be of utmost importants. beyond that it is in your hands.

I suggest you use either water,isopropyl or ehtel alchohol,propane,freons or even fuels like kerosene
But for safty I suggest and even emplore you to keep away from benzines and methonol if your wether elevation zone permits else you will need certian special hazarous materials licensing and special permits to build and opperate such a system.


dataphool (author)2011-06-03

Gee! Did you post this on April 1st?

chriswerner_1 (author)2010-04-05

I've seen a few people referring to the laws of thermodynamics. This idea isn't vioating these laws because it's not a perpetual motion device. This instructable centers on capturing existing energy sources (such as the heat build up in the attic, the power of the sun). Niagra Falls supplies massive amounts of power not by violating the laws of thermodynamics but by capturing a source of power.
Here's an example of power plant in Alaska that uses similar principles, though the heat comes from geothermal sources instead of attic heat:

harshaoo7 (author)2010-01-28

 I need help from u friends I want the hard ware components that r required for the generation of electricity from solar energy.This is my final year project so plzzzzzzzz friends help me & send reply to me  r to my mail adress my mail Id is

shouldawoulda (author)2008-10-08

I can't read the schems on step 4. When enlarged enough to see they blur. Can you help me there please?

I appolojize for that, this portion of the instructable is a direct copy from mike davise's wind turbine project-you may find a better copy of it by following this link ""
you havent been the first with this problem and I dont know why it is so hard to read.

WOWW!  I am slower then I figured!  I am just now finding I have response's to the questions I have asked way back then!  Hopr you are still alive and well  cause here is a be-lated thanks!      THANKS! 
 I really have a love hate for computors and the programs they have creataed to work with them

iamdenteddisk (author)2009-09-01

I think if geothermal is available a steam engine more apropriate..

B3nj4m1n (author)2009-04-13

This is freaking awesome. Thank you for sharing. I have one question though; I have several friends who have "earth heating" installed in their house. I don't know what its really called in English, but the basics is: They have a couple of hundred meters "cable" digged down 1/2 - 1 m deep in their lawns. I don't know exactly what this cable is, but somehow it's heating the "cables" with geothermal energy, and then converts it to pure juice. Would it somehow be possible to "bury" the evaporation chamber, instead of placing it indoors, and thus making it a true geothermal generator? I currently live in brussels, so its not exactly 'tropical' temperatures i live in, but it's not arctic either :-) If not, I'm probably gonna go for a fresnel lens + pressure cooker + tesla turbine instead, until i move in my own house (i share a house with 6 people, -rented-, ATM, so an indoor/outdoor installation would not work for me) Peace!

jaythedogg (author)B3nj4m1n2009-08-11

Actually, it's not cable it is flexible tubing that allows the furnace to exchange inside air with air in the tubing, which is run through all of this tubing, regulating it to the ambient temperature of the ground. This makes for less energy use when heating the inside air & less energy used when cooling the home as well. It is called geothermal HVAC.

dustyplans (author)B3nj4m1n2009-07-02

It is incorrectly called a "Geo Thermal Heat pump." a ground source heat pump is very different. A geo thermal unit uses the Earths heat, from the magma of the earth to generate the heat. A ground scource heat pump is actuall a form of solar energy, as what they are extracting is the heat from the surface of the earth that was heated up by the sun.

twocvbloke (author)B3nj4m1n2009-06-07

That's a Ground Source Heat Pump, it pumps water through the pipes in the ground, then in the big box thingy, magic happens and it ramps up the temperature like a refrigerator and it's hot grille on the back, very clever stuff it is... :)

dustyplans (author)2009-07-02

Hey, I am getting back into this again. Got a questions and some info for you cannot get through on the web site, can you email me back so I can get in touch with you about some aspect of this design? Thanks, Dusty

JeremyX9 (author)2009-06-01

I like this idea and was wondering if the heated gas could be pipe back into the system. So that the energy that is being used for heating the liquid could be reduced. By reusing the gas before it reaches it dew point. Which is where the chemical condensates back into it original form. Could you use the freshly heat vapor to reheat the exhaust vapor, which might help reduce the energy input after the starting the device. Also, I was thinking about cycling the hot water from my radiator system as anther connection to heat and keep the right temperature. I want to also ask about the generator set up, would you set up three or four in the system to cycle back and forth to reduce wear. Another thing is how do you plan on building the turbine to get maximum torque from the vapor. Just wonder about how to keep the system run after the system is started, hope my questions could help you build your device better.

bodo (author)2009-04-13

wow crazy its amazing well simple ithnk i can improw the plans make my own powerplant

JBz (author)2009-04-02

Mother Earth News built a large scale Minto wheel. It didn't work. One commenter mentioned that the dimensions were wrong, certain components were improperly sized. A PopSci or PopMech article claimed that 3' Minto wheels worked, but power output was limited. But given the concept of 'free' energy, ganging up 3' wheels might be economically practical, even with low efficiencies.

adhdkid (author)2008-11-21

I am almost done with the project... give me a couple of weeks and you, sir, might be the next genius...... if it works. like i said before I'm working with the Texas teck physics professors, making a mobile design capable of being put in a car, i don't know 'bout you but a lot is riding on this. If we get a successful prototype, we might be looking at a new age of clean, energy but trust me the gov't will try and tax everything we make soooo i probably wont be free per say.

iamdenteddisk (author)adhdkid2008-11-22

Sir, I am willing to help in any way, if you or the proffessors or school might need me. send email for contact information to "" I want this out there and am doing my best to make it do as intended. I am hopeing to hear from any commercial interest too and I know if the U.S giant's such as FORD,GM,NASA will get involved in this technology it will bring funding and facility's to the work too, so Yes "KEEP GOING"- soon they will stop looking for bailouts and try delveing into new technology's such as TFE, to get investors wanting to invest and this is the reason I posted my original i'able of TFE. Now infact TFE is a small part of a much larger design and I want others to see some of my work and find a reason to invest in funding my work and experiments and my future in general. Currently I am working on TFE,hydrogen systems,mechatronix,biofuels,space robotics,alternative rocket fuels,complementry Aggreculture,terraforming and robotic planetary mining,magnetologic. if anyone is intrested in colaborations do contact me also. I realize I lack in spelling and social skills so please over look these modest failings, but I do accell in science and mathmatics mechanics,electronics and physiscs. I am just trying to do my part to the best of my ability. - Glenn Clabough.

adhdkid (author)iamdenteddisk2009-03-10

Disaster struck last saturday. we were unvaling the project and a major pipe ruptured, and cought fire The whole thing is a total loss.

adhdkid (author)iamdenteddisk2008-11-30

sir i need your help.... i need you to forward me a materials list, so i can finish the follow-up. P.S IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!!

adhdkid (author)iamdenteddisk2008-11-23

if you get the attention of the public via advertisements and so forth I guarantee that you will have a sell able product that would help out everyone... LIKE I SAID BEFORE Technological Breakthroughs like this are always looked upon highly, so do what you have to

steadmanjon (author)2008-10-31

There is a solar panel in your schematics. If its producing more electricity than is being put in you should get rid of the solar panel. Otherwise this device doesn't make any sense. Its just a Stirling engine of sorts converting thermal energy to mechanical energy. Or possible I don't understand this instructable.

this device works primaraly from thermal energy it incorperates many sources though including electric,thermal,chemical all comeing from multiple sources it is all of the energy from multiple sources that makes such a device work though each force fluctuates not all are nonexistant at any point so infact each acts as a fallback plan. once the device is assembled, it starts to work. on a decent day of 50F or more outside, it works without a starting charge on the batteries. aslong as my attic reaches 73F it works just on the escaping heat of my home.

mrbleh (author)2008-09-11

I fail to see how this would be more efficient than just the solar panel (the input power). Are you claiming to have produced an over unity machine (i.e more energy produced than energy input) ? If thats the case, I must refer you to the second law of thermodynamics (see below) and declare shenanigans. 0: there is a game . 1: you must play the game. 2: you can't win the game, except on a very cold day . 3: it doesn't get that cold.

iamdenteddisk (author)mrbleh2008-11-22

the solar panel here has many functions in the system, primaraly as an failsafe for initial charge like a starter of a car. readup and you will see. 0:I brought the game 1:it is nature who plays 2:the system depends on heat 3:I am depending on that fact.

iamdenteddisk (author)mrbleh2008-09-11

If you can use a thermometer and calculator you can do the math for proof. there is formula's available online. It stands Fact mine works just like a windturbine in hurricane that never ends. I have no cause to defend it agianst skepticism. I offered it free to those who want it to work bad enough to build it for themselves as proof. If you require proof look at the evidence. A $4.00 hand boiler will prove fluid movement. A visit to any water wheel type Gristmill will prove the turbine. The genorator can be proven by starting your car disconecting the battery kicking off your shoes and sticking the red battery terminal in your mouth. lmao....dont do that. I realy expected some resistance when I posted this but was realy hopeing some scientist,hvac/r repairman whould be here to see and build it too and offer some support. I never thought I had to debate every skeptic alone. I challange you build it prove it dont work. If you do that I will remove the instructable. Infact this is nothing more than a small scale hydroelectric dam with a recycleing water source. in the future I will answer questions in that form but will no longer debate disbelife. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and proof of things unseen.

adhdkid (author)2008-11-21

P.S I will post a link to the completed project, and give you all the credit, so you could get a patent. this design is ingenius. thank you for the idea, and your welcome.

iamdenteddisk (author)adhdkid2008-11-22

This is great news, I am looking forward to seeing your post. I have many works like this I want to post for the public and I am very apreciative to the owner of instructables for hosting such a great venue to do it with. I am now trying to format more of my stuff to fit in here and it is because of the sites creator and the interest of user's like you that real change is possible. I send special thanks out to all you guy's/girl's who have supported this my first i'able and those who are taking it further especialy. It is "by doing we create hope". *Thankyou -Glenn Clabough.*

Xray_Man (author)2008-11-13


dustyplans (author)2008-10-27

I am back. Now that I have started teaching again. I have a small group of students that are taking on the renewable Energy tasks. I have shared this idea of yours with the students, and it looks like we are going to try and build a working model small scale first, then try for something a bit larger. Thought you might get a kick out of this. after looking over many of the posts, and seeing how many are having issues with the complexity. Imagine a group of Middle School students taking on the task. It is called "Buck up" people. Great concept, cannot wait to see it working.

iamdenteddisk (author)dustyplans2008-10-27

kix indeed,dusty that is awesome news let me know if the class needs help, support or funding for that matter. I live in east Tennessee close to knoxville how close are we in proximity? Perhapse I can make an apearance when you unveil the project at science fair. Cant wait to see it on the news, that this project was replicated by middle schoolers too. Maybe it will be the kick in the seat for those in the science community that they deserve. I cant pattent this untill it has been replicated and No amount of money I offer will bring any acredited engineer close to touching a free energy project. I am sure you and your team of budding minds can make this simple device and prove it to the world. and on the bright side the TFE now belongs to you the public so I hope "the man" has allot of hush money!... yes sir kicks indeed...-Glenn

dustyplans (author)iamdenteddisk2008-10-28

Proximity??? try Northern Minnesota. Cloquet to be exact. Nothing like a few thousand mile to separate us. I do believe we will make this work. If possible send all you got directy to me. not sure if I want to give my school account, as there is a serious size restriction on the files we can recieve. Thanks Dusty

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-10-21

seems the majority response from common folk is that this Instructable is over their head, I really want this out there, so I am asking any who works for a company that might be interested in manufacture and retail of this device for a mild or reasonable profit to have a represenitive contact me for details. I want this system in the hands of the people and for it not to become another raquete or means of oppression. if your "company as an entity" can do that then I know we can reach an agreement. I thank you for your time. -Glenn

shouldawoulda (author)2008-10-08

What a GREAT HUMANE PERSON! That is a wonderful selfless act and if I ever have the chance too and the means you will be rewarded! MAY the big guy bless & keep you. I Miss my FATHER too. Thanks again I can't wait to give it a try.

Thanks for the post, I hope you do try it out and do post all your finding's, unfortunatly the physics comunity requires "experiment duplication" before they will endorse it. As silly as that sounds-It basicly means, they wont duplicate the experiment untill someone else does. which to me seems like a good way to suppress the truth and my funding.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-10-07

There are no orfice's in this machine to retain pressure, "so it acts like a single container". In a fully cold state <70deg F it is at 0 psi and uses ambient tempurature to re-circulate the fluid. The fluid never reach's above 130deg F, presure remains low but in flux. NEW UPDATE: a "popoff valve" should be added to the system in the cooling stage and piped out to allow it to vent into the outside air in case of over heating emergency like house fire. It had been overlooked to this point because of such negligable pressures being used. If ever such an emergency arived I would want the alcohol to vent and evaporate as oposed to being a ticking bomb for fire fighters to deal with. A tempurature /presure conversion chart can be found online to help you to choose and mix your fluid to fit your application. This system is basicly a simple hand boiler like the novelty toy you can buy made of thin glass it does not require high tempuratures. Read these forums below the instructable and all the details needed to construct are there. I am quiet busy as you can guess with this work so if you email do be patient and I will reply as soon as I can. "you must expect to work to get a good return, not just expect a good return for you work." -Glenn

dustyplans (author)2008-09-17

Ball park figure??? What is the size of this machine?? Can a portable machine produce enough NRG to power a house?

iamdenteddisk (author)dustyplans2008-09-17

in the ball park huh?, my first design used 2 small beer kegs as evaporator and condenser, the turbine and generator motor are approximately 3ft x 1ft x 15inches, the kegs where then replaced in the second design by hvac coils from goodman used in their 2&1/2ton condensing units in short less than half you can pack in a small chevy luv pickup truck. the decision to replace the kegs was not required but I wanted to extract as much efficiency as possible in both heating and cooling still I want to replace them with 2 aluminum car radiator I found in jegs racing catalog. I hope this is the answer you where looking for.

PKM (author)iamdenteddisk2008-09-24

OK, I didn't realise you'd actually built one of these- I thought it was just a plan laying out the theory and principle for someone to build. Do you have any photos or videos of your models? When you had it running did you measure the power output and temperature difference between evaporator and condensorr? I'm very interested in the potential of large-scale devices like this that can produce useful power from low-grade heat differences that are all around us- the Minto wheel was my favourite because it's so beautifully simple, but it had practical problems limiting its efficiency that I think your design might not suffer from.

I wanted to add this, the kegs are left in the system to act as resevior and only the coil heated and cooled , the turbine will start to move once you reach 7-8gal of constant fluid movement and is most effective at 15gal or more. the turbine is happy with more and only more work is done by adding more the thing to remember is heat required to boil the maintained level in the evaporator at the same time the tubing used must also accomodate the voulme and the line from the evaporator must be insulated up to the neck or bend down into the condenser with rubatex. and also the tube from the condensor to the turbine to prevent it re-evaporateing before the turbine. the tube after the turbine going into the evaporator is not insulated to offer an oppertunity for ambient heat to restart the warming process. agian this new design is also using solar water heat. but with a "portable design" I belive the beer kegs is best bet.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-22

For all you guy's having trouble with reading the schematics here's a link for the charge controler theres alot of details for you there.

and here is a link to most of the original schematics for the wind turbine project from which I downloaded most of the information.

The rest was found here on instructables or wikipedia ,if you cant construct from here I am sorry but there was alot taken from my experiance in EET-and HVAC/R and Automation and I cant upload my head but if I can build it you can too. Though a little research and development is required.

I dont mind answering questions if the answer isnt posted here. so please read these post first..I'm just swamped with trying to support this forum and work too- so I'm sorry if I havent replied to all your mails. I do answer the ones for which the answer isnt posted and when a new question is asked I try to post the answer here too.
Also if supplied whith what is posted here I bet almost any hvac tech or engineer can be a help too.
good luck with your TFE project.

whiteironhorse1 (author)2008-09-21

If you have an old microwave you can get a good transformer from it. Check with family, friends, and neihbors. Also you have to remember that you need to have a good heatsink cause 1Kwatts of power produces a lot of heat.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-19

hello agian I wanted to answer this verry common statement from all the heckler and disbelivers who are very great scientist and legends in their own minds

the statement is what about the second law of thermodinamics?,did you forget entropy?

my answer no I didnot forget simply if you will go back to your text book and review the second law you will thus understand.

this system is not isolated meaning it draws energy from multiple sources, not just one source.
also it draws from multiple varying sources thus the energy is in a constant state of flux or fluctuation each of the multiple sources are always changeing therefor the system remains in flux also and not able to reach equilibrium.

there for the zeroth law is observed,the first law is observed,the second law is observed,and the third aswell.

SEE "fluctuation theorum" from statistical mechanics and probability mathmatics.

"multi tasking parts","multiple fluctuating sources" and "inability to reach equilibrium", is the key to any perpetual device.

"this system is not fully isolated nor can it be on planet earth and it continuly draws its heat"energy" from "multiple fluctuating sources." so that at no time is it without input energy or energy output.

From a kind viewer, I was also asked today if the hight of the condenser efected its opperation so I want to answer it here aswell.

the amount of heat applied,volume of avalible working fluid,and diameter of tubing and any orfice such-as pipe fittings and bent tubing will effect the
volume of working fluid actualy in motion
in this system at any point in time and the velocity of said fluid is relitive to volume,gravity,orfice,applied heat,gas pressure.

In short everything that effects your -airconditioner and its working fluid will effect this system.

meaning if you reduce the hight of the condenser either tubing size or applied heat must increase.
to increase the velosity to an acceptable value

in any configuration gravity is involved so it must retain this configuration to work.
"top condenser"
"middle turbine"
"below evaporator"

and a nifty little checkvalve installed between turbine and evaporator allowing flow only in the direction of the evaporator.this keeps our turbine goin in the same direction

If you will observe this post and the rest of the information in this forum written by me and the 10 steps of the instructable there is absolutly no reason you can not build a working "TFE".

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-18

I have removed my name and photos because of recent threats made to me and my family, because of this post. Nomatter how much I want to share this information with the public it isnt worth that cost. I will leave the instructable posted unless there is a actual threat, but if I feel that there is a real chance in harm to my family I will be removeing it so if you are attempting to build the "TFE" save this information aswell as a text of the forum post. those on the whitelist will still be given full disclosure.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-17

As to entropy "this system is not fully isolated and continuly draws its heat"energy" from "multiple fluctuating sources." nor can it be fully isolated from external energy sources that would be impossible on planet earth.

solarelectric&2sources of solarheat that of ambient and injected solor water heat,unsustained rechargeable battery,unsustained recharging genorator, these are just some of those factors

*nobody has yet pointed out that the solar electrical panel provides not only electrical power to the heating but also power to the chargeing of batteries aswell as shade for ambient cooling of outside condenser.

*It is the amount of multitasking mechinisims at work that eludes,most of us simply dont have the capacity to see all forces at work ."my advice,take notes and read understanding physics isaac Asimov volumes 1&2"

by variance in 4 solar sources,variance in multiple ambient sources,variance in sustained and unsustained sources, aswell as the fact that it canot reach total isolation through tempurature leakage in both directions,switching and reversal.

also takeing into acount thermal expansion of fluids, lack of orfice or"retension" the heat sinking effect of the plates & houseing of the turbine & tubing, condenser itself and the genorators heat sinking effect through physical connection to the turbine and loses in both directions aswell as power cosumption, -

-this system "can not reach equilibrium".

*That is the whole message of why and how it works.*

I stated it before it works because all the laws of physics work, each individualy& together as a whole not inpart but whole therefore with somany fluctuating factors your numbers will not work "." in calculateing this system.

Unless you break down the system into individual parts "isolate" mesure and super impose "states" or projected moments in time,as a whole.
still by the time the equation is fullfilled the new equation begins as the new equation is the answer to the first

for the laymen "why dose it work = why dose it work"
now put the word "because" where the "=" equal sign is, then consider it to infinity like a child repeating.
anyone knowing of binary machine states and computer inturups might understand the above but
for the life of me I cant grasp why it is so hard to relate that to others, perhaps evolution has deemed it.
"multi tasking parts","multiple fluctuating sources" and "inability to reach equilibrium", is the key to any perpetual device.
Just like the kernal of your p.c you have to calculate it in states and then in terms concievable to humans.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-17

theres a topic I think should be expounded on "the portable design", which is something I would love to see from any of you guys/girls, aside from knowing a checkvalve will need be added beteen turbine and evaporator to keep movement in one direction"a trade secret", you guys have seen more information then I had before starting this project. the simple fact that the gasoline engine only uses 20% of the energy extracted from gas and the rest of that energy is lost through heat. I could easily see this replaceing the altonater and increasing eficency of even a hybrid vehicle or even being used to create hydrogen in a vehicle from water using electrolosis. I gave this idea to "you the public" free as a gift to ease oppression so lets see who is the next great inovator in the field of (TFE)? With gasprices at a whopping all time high, will you do the essintial work to continue this effort? I only wish instructables would accomodate us here with a drawing board in this forum or the ability to add pictures to our comment post.Because I do belive a wild flower has been planted with this and I cant wait to see it bloom.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-15

I added you dusty , you guys get those email address's and questions sent to me on this address "" and let me know also if you are like dusty and "want to be in the loop" to recieve more than just disclosure too as it realy can get very intresting once collegate intrest comes maybe even a "large scale device" in the future.

the masmail will come from "" make sure you allow it as some antispam software will sense it came from a mass mailer and drop it into spam mail automaticly so I will probably send out first a notice to do so followed by the first mail and those who want in the loop will see a weekly update. I dont want to clog you up on every single thing so the important stuff will collect for a week before sending.

I want to answer 2 questions here that seem to be the most common questions comeing in.

1 No I do not want to sale mine unless you want to realy over pay for it.
2 No I do not want to sale its property rights.

If you want to build one I will help any way posible.

Also I keep getting email about how to convert tempuratures I could post a chart but they are all over the web instead here is a formula for

to convert from Celsius to farenhiet
F = (C * 9 / 5) + 32
to convert from farenhiet to Celsius.
C = (F - 32) * 5 / 9
maybe as some of you get your built and working you can moderate a new instructable on it too as either TFE2 or TFEauto something of that nature like I said before the demand is getting bigger and soon I will have to hide from it.there is only so much I can do and after full disclosure I see no need in the
"hand holding".
get on the white list and if you want your name not address credited for questions include it.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-14

ok guys Im now collecting run data for all the skeptics ,this is how I plan to release The full disclosure. I have posted my email address to every forum I have put links to the device with for hosting. I feel it better to offer this like a yahoo group. any who email me questions or comments "directly to the address given" I will include in a single mass mail just send your questions comments as well as a add me or include me in the mailing or the something like that in the subject of the email. and I will post your name as contributer your question your comment if it pertains and to ballance I will put your pros and cons in there quoted the way you wrote them "but I wont put the ones that are simply chatter " So "if you want your name added to the white list" and faq for this proj, feel free to do so. I will answer each question for a month, save each as they come in to a text file and at the end of that time Will add collected data aswell as requested data and append it to the end of the text file and attach a zip of pictures as well as a text credit for some of the parts retailers,credit for any schematics not drawn by me,any information downloaded for the project. I realy have no reason to decieve you but I gess if I state that I have to prove it too.

dustyplans (author)iamdenteddisk2008-09-15

Add me to the "White" list. dustyplans@yahoo This could get interesting... Thanks I also would like to be kept in the loop with the gang from Texas tech. As well as all who are trying to make this thing work

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-15

sorry I didnt address this last ,useing 12V dc silanoid coils to replace coils that come with the reversal valves can be found at most rv dealers if not available to you a library or web document should be available for winding your own coils or by useing servo actuated valves.

iamdenteddisk (author)2008-09-15

Thankyou, I have been waiting for a fellow refrigeration man to enter the scene, my hope is you follow this through for the extra support I need in exposeing a new -"old technology" to the world here and God knows there are many eager skeptics here ready like piruanna's fileing their teeth. First off I want to point out amonia, alcohol butanes and propanes are the most likely candidates for their boiling temps "see my other post below",this insures us of an efficent boil without excess energy input to make it happen, on the other end also if it isnt superheated it also says ambient outside temp "with/without" fan or use of ambient water will re-condense quickly enough to keep a high volume of liquid moving through the circuit respectivly. There are freon mixes and if you invest in a large solar aray you can reach both high and low temps easily but I built it on the cheap useing alcohol is just the best I seen for my particular application, and that will lead to my second answer "Acid" builup will occur useing copper with alcohol/water, so stainless/aluminum are the best route useing alcohols same with modern moonshine stills. If you use different refrigerant you can adjust acordingly though I can't guarentee your eficency as it wasn't calculated in but the princable is the same. To the third question, I hold universal licensing through E.P.A and esco institute in the U.S to obtain any refrigerant but the comercial alcohol was choice. Now in reguards to the solar panel 15-30 watts will provide a microcontroler used for switching enough, though if you dont mind waiting for initial charge, if its cold in the attic I hope its a bright day to start the heat sequence from battery for the heat tapes else the panel is for trickle charge. once it has started it reaches "over-unity" quickly and will continue it can even be started by a thermos of coffee poured into a catch/drain pan I put under it to protect my sheet rock incase of rupture. As for micro controler any will work. Though I prefer "parralax BS2" because the solar panel is used like a starter for your car once the initial charge on the battery is done and the microcontroler senses it is in a acceptable range then heat tapes will switch on unless it is running ambient,because in warm periods the heat tapes are not used at all but the boil is caused by ambient tempurature of "attic- automaticly" or "enclosure with hot water tank" an adequate solar water heater is especialy good for this and it adds to your homes efficency. Also you mention drying, a filter dryer isnt even used here because 1 alcohol redily mixes with water and it may be needed to adjust boil range see the final page for detail.though I do say to pull a good vacuume my intention with that is to help preveny any impure/"unintensional" water or moisture. please do email me directly to be added to my whitelist for a future single mass mail of this project and for A complete "full disclosure" because there just isnt adequate space here for that. and a little less disruption in a controled enviroment aswell "you can be credited for contributing a uniqe question to the FAQ's". hope I answered you well.

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