Step 4: Voila!

Picture of voila!
full instructions for use-
take off shirt (hopefully you are not now naked!)
gather in drawstring tightly
fill bag with shopping
go home, rejoicing in your eco friendly credentials
get home, empty bag
loosen drawstring
launder shirt (this will help it back into shape)
you are ready to face another day of impromptu shopping dilemmas!
ichigogo6 years ago
Clever lady!
jacq01uk6 years ago
cool idea 4 a beach bag... ;o) I'm gonna give this a try!
KnittinLady6 years ago
Awesome idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Going to have to try this one out this weekend too!!!
great i'm working on this right now and thinking of making A grafitty stencil on it for the style part
eileenda7 years ago
I love that!good idea:)