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Introduction: Tube Wrapped Lock

When i had a flat tire i didn't want to just waste that old tube so i decided to wrap it around my chain.
What you need:
1.A length of chain, each link is 2cm wide by 3cm long (size for 700c tube)
2. Old 700c tube
3. Shoe lace or any strong thin string/rope
4. oil/grease
5. old button up shirt that you don't mind getting dirty

Step 1:

First, tie the shoe lace onto the end link, you will use this to pull the chain through the tube. Cut the valve of so you end up with a tube with two open ends then feed the shoe lace through the tube and tie it to something strong. I used a window fixture in my flat, worked fine and was a good height at about stomach level.

Step 2:

Put a little oil on a paper towel and rub it on the chain, be careful not to get it on your hand or it will be really hard to pull the tube up the chain.
This is were the button up shirt comes in. button it up and put the chain through the shirt at around about stomach level so the chain is level.
Now you can pull the tube up over the chain.
Once you have pulled the tube right up to the top your done, YAY,
If you have some excess tube left over you can even stretch it over your padlock.



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    15 Discussions

    Bike shops usually have a pile of trash inner tubes.

    This is a nice recycling (!) idea. I'm not trying to rewrite your instructable here, but would it be easier to work the tube over the oiled chain if you were to thread the shoelace through the tube and then tie it to something overhead? The chain will hang straight down and you then work the tube down over the chain. Just a thought.

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    I just did this last night with dish soap (don't use oil based lubricants as they will eat the rubber). No need to do it vertically, I tied it to my work bench (could use a railing too). Took a lot of finagling because the chain was pretty tight. Basically, once you get the tube over the first couple links you just grab the tube tight and pull it so the chain slides under your hands, alternating hands until it's on. The friction of your hands should be enough to get it on. Eventually the outside of the tube gets soapy and harder to pull on, you might need to wash and dry the outside a few times.

    nice idea norman39110. I just wrote it how i did it. Your way is probably the easiest, but if you live in an apartment you usually dont have anything on the roof to tie it to. If you do, it is good way to try it. Thanks

    I did this years ago, before finaly finding a cable I really like(just better for my needs). Glad you put it up here! I didn't know about this site 20 yrs ago... oh, wait, it wasn't here then. D'oh!

    I tried this, and it worked very well. I was thinking a long time about how to protect my bike frame from this rattling chain, and this is perfect for it. I used an old piece of electric wiring, led through the tube, strapped to a radiator, to pull the chain through the tube. That worked nicely. Thanks for this instructable!

    Cool idea! Nice recycling "bike-to-bike" :)

    The idea with the soap from norman also sounds intriguing to me. Will also try that.

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    I use liquid soap as a lubricant. Then I rinse out the soap thoroughly so the tube sticks in place when it dries.

    I tried to do this recently but gave upnasthe tube was too thin.used a MTB tube instead but it look horrible. Didn't think to try with oil but I can't work out what the shirt is for ?

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    Hi griffin. The shirt is to hold the chain horizontal so you can use both hands to pull the tire tube over the chain. The oil really makes it easier, but be careful not to get it on your hands, it becomes really hard to slip the tube over the chain

    Getting braincancer trying to figure it out but still utterly unable to grasp the shirt-part. :(((
    Could you upload a picture when you find the time?

    Hey. here's some. not very good, i drew them on paint, haha. the shirt is just used to hold the chain up so you can use two hands to pull the tube over the chain (it's quite a tight fit, easier if you oil the chain). when the shirt is buttoned up, the chain links hold the chain in place so you dont have to hold onto it. You can start it by standing on the string and pulling the chain up

    shirt and chain.jpgshirt and chain.jpg