im goin to show u how to make a tumbling man or falling tower or whatever its called

Step 1: First

start with a square paper

Step 2: Second

remember does paper airplane folds(if u made any ur whole life)the fold the top corners to the middle do that

Step 3: Third

now do that again.....

Step 4: Fourth

do that again but this time from the bottom

Step 5: Sixth

this is just step 5's example

Step 6: Seventh

now just do step's 3 and 5 one more time

Step 7: Eighth

if u succeeded it should look like....... well im to lazy to draw it but put it on a flat surface and voiala!!!!!!!!!!
dude my camera is broken
Well, "dude", I suggest you either get it fixed or get a new one. Your diagrams let you down badly - photos are desperately needed here.
they aren't that bad they were good enough for me or do you think you need the ultimate cuz you pay 2 dollars a month to be pro
<p> No, I think the project should have photographs because the <em>site policy</em> is that projects should be illustrated with photographs.<br> <br> You have published fifteen projects, so you should have seen this fifteen times:<br> &nbsp;</p> <blockquote> Have you taken photographs of each step for your Instructable?<strong> Clear well taken photos are the most important part of your Instructable.</strong> Please make sure you have included all of your images prior to publishing your Instructable. Submissions without necessary photos will not be published.</blockquote>
dude i try to get a new one but im saving money
I came.&nbsp;<br /> I saw.<br /> I lol'd.
im sorry but i give up
(Try to find out what word you meant to use instead of "voiala") L
I interpreted your instructions as best I could.. it looked nothing like in the diagrams and didn't do what I interpret your last diagram to mean. Without photos this Instructable is pretty much worthless.
sorry my camera's broken its my dog she cant go a day without chewing something
anyways did u even try to make it?

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