Picture of turks head stopper knot (like monkey fist)
in this instructable i'm going to let the pictures do most of the explaining. i don't have time right now to do as much of a full tutorial as i would like, if anyone has any questions about any specific part let me know in comments and ill see if i can help

this knot is the same as the monkeys fist in function (usually decorative) but different in looks. i feel like everyone uses the monkeys fist and its a great knot but this one looks a little more complex. looks great on keychains

all this knot is, is a three lead, four bight turks head knot that is tightened down and i put one of the ends inside the knot 

this knot may have  another name but i do not know it

Step 1: Basic knot

try to follow the pictures

you could also look up turks head knot for this step
ToniB1 year ago

Great, easy to follow photo instructions. I'm going to use these to make dog toys.

dan_w841 year ago

Nice clear instructions, thanks!