heres a setup video

Step 1: Supplies

heres a list of supplies:
-Guitar amp(haven't tried bass)
-guitar/headphones adapter

Step 2: Plug It In

plug the earbuds into the adapter

plug it into the input instead of the headphones slot

Step 3: Your Done

have fun
<p>haha that was fun. I was thinking of something like this!!! then i got it. thanks :)</p>
Very cool. I was wondering how to do that. Thanks for the instructable!!! :)
Let's here it for Pikmin!! Yeah, Mate!!!! Who cares about the title, this is pretty cool, huh??? Save a couple bucks on a mic.<br />
Using earbuds as a microphone would have been a better title, but a one step process doesn't really need an instructable
You didn't modify the ear buds, therefore you are not "turning" ear buds into anything. You might wish to change your title.

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