Introduction: Turn Pantry Into Workshop

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make an awesome workshop out of a small room

Step 1: A Place to Tinker

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we recently moved to a smaller house that has a small pantry and the girlfriend said "this is a great room for your projects". I agreed since it has a little space for a bench and a bunch of shelves.
shortly after we moved in I began making my workspace.

Step 2: A Bench and Seat

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I took an extra shelf board and placed it across the back wall for my main workspace. using some old ice chests for a seat provides extra storage

Step 3: Organization!

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with all the shelf space I have I can organize all my bits, bolts, and useful junk. small storage bins from the hardware store helps to sort everything out. since the room is small I put everything I regularly use within arms reach. the big shelf holds motors, electronics, and other bits.
the more you organize during your setup the better your workspace will be. take the time.

Step 4: Research and Development Computer.

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a laptop with a busted screen makes a great shop machine since the keyboard and trackpad are built together. I took the old screen off and hooked up an old monitor I had.

Step 5: Time to Tinker.

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since the room is done I get to do projects again. time to have fun.


tomatoskins (author)2015-10-14

I love the broken laptop setup! Such a great use!

it has the keyboard and trackpad in one spot. if my hands are dirty I would rather use this machine and wipe it off instead of my personal machine.

pfred2 (author)2015-10-14

There you go. You have a little cubby to work on your projects in. When all is said and done about all I ever have is a space about a foot square to work on myself. That's all you really need.

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