Turn Your Lego Projects in to a Rubik's Cube!!!





Introduction: Turn Your Lego Projects in to a Rubik's Cube!!!

software & supplies:

MLCad (if you don't have it here's the link:MLCad)it's free!!!

adobe photo shop 6.0 or higher (here's where to downlad it:photo shop

thin double sided tape (or glue if you want it to be permanent)
a rubik's cube (rather use one with the stickers peeling already!)

Step 1: 1

peel all of the stickers off your rubik's cube!!!
make sure you measure the stickers!!!
note: a bare rubik's cube is boring so there's no pic!

Step 2: 2

design your 6 lego models.
save each as a pic.

Step 3: 3

edit the pics in photo shop.
remember those measurements?
multiply them by 3 and make a new pic called blank.

the measurements were 1.5cm X 1.5cm, so the blank pic would be
4.5cm X 4.5cm.

make sure this pic has the same resolution as the pics you made in mlcad (72 px/in. in my case)
take the line tool and set a 1 px weight.
zoom in real close and draw a border around the edge.
save it now.open up all of your pics of the models and resize them to fit just inside the square on the pic called blank.

the blank pic is 128px X 128px, so the reresized pics would be 126px X "x"

select all, copy, and paste the models in to the pic called blank.
close the model you copied from and do layer flatten image to the pick called blank.
do file; save as and save it over the model.
close the previously saved window and re-open the pic called blank.
repeat 5 more times to the others
now create a pick thats 3 "edited" models high and 2 wide.

the "edited" models are 128px X 128px, so the new pic would be 384px X 256px.
re-open all the models and paste them in to the new pic like a grid.
flatten the image and save as complete.

Step 4: 4

print the pic called complete.(you may use mine if you're a Lego Mindstorms NXT fan)
with the pencil and ruler divide each printed model in to 9ths like a 3x3 grid.
cut the models out then cut along the lines you drew, separating each model into separate piles.
stick (glue or tape) the separate pieces so that the cube is already solved.
and that's all!!!



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    this link is free, just sign up for the website.

    when i clicked on the photoshop link, i submit my email and what not and then it asks for my credit card info. am i signing up for the wrong thing?

    thanks, i also downloaded google's picasa2

    I still think that Paint.Net is the best free image editor. GIMP is powerful, but not as easy.

    thanks jonnxt for the algorithms. i really needed them to orient the center pieces


    This idea would make a good gift - just use six images important to the recipient (family members, holiday photos, romantic locations, CD covers etc etc).

    Start working now for Christmas...

    8 replies

    I was just gunna use the kit from there for my different aunts and uncles, AND, solve it in under 2 minutes.

    you... are... a... genious!!! i'm doing that for a friend, i finally know what to get!!! thank you so much!!! you have saved christmas!!

    That would make it really hard though!

    No harder than getting the Lego images the right way up.

    I found the ole' one had that prob. but if every pic is different its no prob.

    I posted a new "v" of it.

    Yeah, good point. Hmmmm

    I want one that has the colour codes in hexadecimal. I'm not a geek, at all.

    Or, you can try to make one where, even if the cube is not in the correct combination, it still makes an image, like an image that can add parts.

    Like you could have one square be a head/hair, the one below it be a shirt, and below that pants, the other ones would be arms and accessories.

    I made one like this for my b/f for valentines day. Except I cut up pictures and attached them with super glue. It was a great inexpensive gift.