Introduction: Turn Your Old Digital Camera Into a "snipers Light"

For those of you who dont know what a "snipers light " is its basically an led with a scope on it so that you may direct light only on your target. Making it easier to hunt at night.
for this instructable your going to need :

-$1 led flashlight
-$300 sony camera

( i get im strechting the rules abit with the whole dead computer thing but digital camera do have a microchip soo ...yea)

i also dont advise going out and buying a 300 dollar camera just to do this my friends broke there camera stunting so they gave it to there tech guy ;p(me)

Step 1: Take Apart Your Exspensive Camera!!!!

Any digital camera will do however the better the zoom the better the light.
and in this case very good zoom .
now i there arent any specific rules to taking it apart im positive all of you on here can manage that perfectly fine ;p but dont break the lenses or the lens components.

little tip go to the bathroom before you get started it takes forever to take it apart

Step 2: Take Apart Your Flashlight

..take apart your flashlight

Step 3: Make the Internalpart of the Scope

In this step your going to make the battery pack and the led attached to a wire so you can turn it on and off


Step 4: Finished

Now i dont expect to win i got bored and had stuff lying around so dont be a dick ;p but ive enclosed a video of the "sniper light" in action to show you it truly does work

^thats the link to the video^


simdude2u (author)2010-03-01

 Is the lens from a kodak v603?

aceLED (author)simdude2u2010-03-14

no sony somthing

lemonie (author)2010-02-02

Snipers don't illuminate their targets with (visible) light as it would give their position away. Does this LED-lens combination work for something like a spot or extended-range? Does it stretch the range of the LED beam?


aceLED (author)lemonie2010-02-02

yes it does rly well actually  and i found a light that does the samething as this and it was called a "snipers light" thats why i called this a snipers light...i didnt think any one would be using this to shoot people with yea i just use it for shooting at targets at night

lemonie (author)aceLED2010-02-02

Sounds good - how far does it reach?


aceLED (author)lemonie2010-02-04

it goes past my backyard fence so id say atleast 100 yards tops maybe idunno ill get a bud to help me measure it ;p

Lance Mt. (author)aceLED2010-02-28

 So could this same principle be used as if it was a macro lens on cameras? My only input would be to get a reflective casing for the LED to increase its range tenfold

cwasp (author)2010-02-23

Great instructable, but really, if you're teaching someone how to dissasemble a $300 camera, please use real words. Words like "U", "R", "Plz", and so on are quite a nuisance.

aceLED (author)cwasp2010-02-24

im not teaching any one to disassemble  a 300 dollar camera im showing u a part from the camera u can use for this project

Lance Mt. (author)aceLED2010-02-28

 ...Which you need to disassemble to use, correct?

GreenD (author)2010-02-18

You need to add a small resistor or your LED will burn out very quickly (few minutes of use). Just scrap any X0 Ohm resistor (10-100 ohm) from any old parts (there was probably one in your camera!) but nice job, I like the idea!

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