TerryJ1 year ago
Also could you post a link that teaches you to use a lathe because I've only seen them in videos.
TerryJ1 year ago
Where could I get a proper lathe?
ngoodman3 years ago
for getting a hole down tha wand you coul predrill a small hoe in a square block, lathe it, and then finalize the hole or atleast thats wut i would do
One. (author)  ngoodman3 years ago
good idea! with this method it wouldn't matter if the hole was off center because you just lathe it straight
Acctually if u use a homemade lathe (a.k.a. a tightly strapped down power drill) if its off center or the hole isnt straight it wobbles like jello
One. (author)  5STARGBLOOD2 years ago
That's why you use a proper lathe with two support points
I would love to make a want like this but I would also love to wire it up and be able to completely hide the wires. Can anyone give me some advice about getting an 8th of an inch hole down the exact center of the wand? Some thoughts that I have had would be to make smaller ring like sections, drill them and then firmly stack and glue them back together around a copper inner shaft, or I could possible cut a grove along one side, bury the wires, puddy in and then paint over everything to hide it all away and make it look cool. Does anyone who has experience with this have an opinion of which of these will yield better results? Or does anyone have a better suggestion?

One. (author)  shakespeare12123 years ago
the groove idea is definitely a good one. maybe even putting the wand back onto the lathe and using a wet finger to make the putty perfect is a good idea too. unless you want to get a drill press and spend 6 hours and 20 wands trying to get a perfect hole...
janpogi093 years ago
where could find a dowel here in Philippines
One. (author)  janpogi093 years ago
don't bother with dowel. this wand was carved from a piece of wood with a square cross section! all you need is a piece of wood that is relatively even when it spins, then pare it down with a big chisel until you have your dowel
SpeedKnight3 years ago
What size drive center did you use? What size live center? What's the diameter of the handle and knob?

Is this an instructable, or just you showing off?
One. (author)  SpeedKnight3 years ago
mainly just showing off ; )
I'm very proud of my lathe work, I have a bunch of doctor who sonic screwdrivers that I made, but I haven't gotten around to putting them up yet.

*fetches digital calipers*

knob: 21 mm widest part

handle: 15 mm thinnest, 21 mm widest.
booprior3 years ago
How did you make it
One. (author)  booprior3 years ago
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
Its pretty good but it could be a little longer it looks a little short
One. (author)  FFVIIBOY3 years ago
nah i made it short cos i think it looks better.
(YOUR N3 years ago
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
So your telling me that ur twelve and ur parents let u have 2 big wooden swords?
Im talking about the 2 buster swords
One. (author)  FFVIIBOY4 years ago
well, I made them. besides, my parents don't really care about the swords, as long as they aren't in the way all the time.
FFVIIBOY One.4 years ago
K just makin sure. Yeah you like Ratchet and Clank, Harry Potter, and Final Fantasy finaly someone who understands me
Ratchet and clank=beast i have every game and beaten the m twice xD