T.v.i.k.t Entry Turret Pistol

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Introduction: T.v.i.k.t Entry Turret Pistol

so heres my entry for that tvikt thing going on um yeah
.range depending on ammo should be like 50 60 feet
.ammo anything turrets can shoot
.weight idk
.size slightly bigger than sidearm
.power pierces cardboard with reds
i have no idea what else to add any further queries just drop us a line
VIDEO LINK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbzTMXFQvHw



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    this looks good, but u have to make an instructable of it because it is too difficult to build from sight alone

    It's exactly as simple as it looks. Pretty much a true trigger pistol with modifications on the front end to accommodate a turret.

    plase post instructions and its the best gun on the site

    He can't until the contest is over. If he does, I'm pretty sure that disqualifies him. Just so you know, buying PRO status doesn't automatically make you good at judging guns and also doesn't make people trust you as a reliable source of information. Making good instructalbes does that.

     looks like it would be impossible to pull that ram LOL

    can you please post it i need one more knex gun and i realy want this one. best pistol on the site

    i like it good job 4stars