Twig Holder Roundtoit





Introduction: Twig Holder Roundtoit

When I pick up twigs and sticks, I stack them over by the fence, but by the time I am ready to tie them in a bundle, the bottom ones are weaker or wet and too messy to put a piece of twine under and tie a knot.

So i put together some PVC pipe as a twig holder.

Step 1: Get the Pieces

Parts List:
1" Schedule-40 PVC pipe
2 x 12" = vertical
2 Tees
2 x 2" = horizontal
2 45 degree Elbows
2 x 18" = ForeArms

2 pipe clamps
2 2x5 mending plates

1 piece of 1x4 x 30" pine scrap
Total is less than 10 bucks at Home Depot

Step 2: Test the Position on the Fence

Try fitting on the fence somewhere and putting putting some branches in it.

Notice how you can get the twine underneath and behind it to tie it into a snug bundle.

After you are satisfied with the dimensions, glue the pipe fittings together and stack and tie twigs.

I hope it works for you. It works for me. I'm glad that I finally got around to it.



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    I have a ton of trees around my house a ton of trees I tell you. And I get a lot of twigs in my yard. What are the benefits of collecting these twigs what can you use them for? I have been told that once they are dry you can use them for kindling any other ideas.

    You can use the twigs to cook in a hobo stove made from a coffee can. Why, just this weekend I tried to make a hand warmer from chalk, by heating ground up chalk in a hobo stove. Though it did not work it was still fun.

    Thanks for showing us this simple solution. If the problem is an excess of sticks, can you make something like this out of the some of the bigger sticks instead of buying pvc?

    I appreciate your desire to avoid too much high-tech chemical products. My original idea was to use old mop handles. Attach two pairs to the fence and "hinge" a third one between each pair. The "hinge" can be a long nail in a drilled hole. By planning the drill holes, the fence could hold the hinged stick at 45 degrees and string could hold it in a vertical position when it is not at work holding twigs. Sadly, I did not have enough mop handles and the branches were not uniform enough. I chose PVC because it was cheap and available and I wanted to deal with the twigs which interfere with my push reel lawn mower.

    Tie twigs and sticks into bundles with straw, grass or raffia and use them as logs for the fire. These are known here in the UK as faggots. (Yeah, yeah, settle down.) A tradition started I believe in the Middle-Ages when land owners wouldn't let peasants chop trees from the forest but allowed them to collect dead and rotten wood that fell. We also call a ball of compressed meat mince and scrapings a faggot. Again from hard times when the serfs ate left-overs. I suppose you could call a 'burger a flat faggot. Where the American meaning of the word came from, I have no idea.

    This is a perfect! I bought a house from a avid gardener, and I've been having such a hard time keeping up with all these bushes and trees. This is a great way to split up some of the work. If I just took 5 minutes to bundle one load of stick every night, I'd have all those dead tree branches and clippings done in no time!

    Pretty cool, I think my dad might like this. +5/5 stars.

    what's wrong with a plastic bin??


    what is the point collecting twigs

    To tie them in a bundle when I get around to it. Also helps me avoid bending over too many times.