Two Knex Ball Machine Elements




Introduction: Two Knex Ball Machine Elements

About: Hello everyone, It's me Knexman005. ( I am actually Knexman2001. I have changed my account for personal reasons.) I will still make the same stuff. I am going to copy all my stuff over to this account. So if...

okay so I have built 2 of these cool ball machine elements( spiral and stair).

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Step 1: Spiral

this is easy just follow the steps

Step 2: Stairs

this is a lot harder than the spiral



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    10 Discussions

    Nice ball machine elements! I even built it but i tore it down to do my other ball machine!!!! 5*

    thank you for all the subscribers

    I hope everyone built both of these

    the spiral has been done before, but the other one is cool

    cool now i can build it, it looks fun to build i can imagine me building it