okay so I have built 2 of these cool ball machine elements( spiral and stair).

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Step 1: Spiral

this is easy just follow the steps

Step 2: Stairs

this is a lot harder than the spiral
are the blacks the same as yellows??????
yes they are
sweet man or knexmanB) is that called the tumbler?
Nice ball machine elements! I even built it but i tore it down to do my other ball machine!!!! 5*
thank you for all the subscribers<br><br>I hope everyone built both of these<br>
What knex set do u get thu ball in?
the spiral has been done before, but the other one is cool
the spiral has been done before its in many many other ball machins alrdy and the BBF set
cool now i can build it, it looks fun to build i can imagine me building it

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