Type a Usb to Type B Usb Converter





Introduction: Type a Usb to Type B Usb Converter

Here, is a simple converter between type A and type B USB converter



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    A Diagram and layout PCB please ,thank you

    A diagram, please. what is power C4 & C5 ?

    now if I wanted to make an adapter to plug usb devices into my microUSB smart phone, how would I go about doing that? Pretty sure I can take care of relevant software changes required.

    Thanks, now it is complete.

    USB type B wires can be very long :) So, i created this, to basically reduce the length of type B wires.

    Sorry, I still don't get it.

    Your device has an A socket like an USB host (computer) has. The other side is a B plug like a cable has.
    If you want to use it to connect two cables to make them longer, wouldn't you better use a B type connector, so that you can use two standard A-B cables?

    There are good reasons not to make USB cables too long. As the impedance of the cable grows with length, the timing gets more critical and the communication might stop. In better cases the device is just not recognized by the host, in worse cases it seems to work and just stops or produces errors from time to time.

    Btw. The ground pin of the A jack (top one) in your PCB is not connected as there is a missing junction in the schematic.