UArm Play Number Song With a Toy Piano


Introduction: UArm Play Number Song With a Toy Piano

Recently, we made a use-case that let uArm to play music on a toy piano.

Here is the final video:

If you want to play uArm as what we do, first you need, a table / uarm/ and a toy piano.

Then, you should let uArm to hit different point in the air, like the video below:

Then, put the piano before uArm, and get the coordinate of each point which will be hitted.

Finally, find a music score or book and code uArm in Arduino, then you will listen the music uArm PLAY!

Download the codes here and you can make your own uarm to play songs:

You can also check our Youtube channel to see what are we doing now~

* before playing music with uArm, remember you have calibrated uArm in the lastest way, check this website below to calibrate uArm and use all new APIs .




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