another great survival kit... it is always necessary to have a survival kit it is usually there for emergencies, or if you know you'll need it. =D

Step 1: Materials

here are the things i put in my survival kit.

1) 2 small bags
2) 2 cotton swabs
3) 1 knife sharpener
4) small pocketknife
5) rubber bands (didn't have any good ones)
6) toothpicks
7) 5 pieces of stride gum
8) 2 birthday candles (used for putting wax over the matches and cotton balls to make water proof)
9) some a few little packs of sweet 'N low (for a energy boost)
10) 5-10 matches
11) electrical tape
12) twisty tie
13) some string
14) pencil with a cap eraser
15) 2 cotton balls
16) some band aids (obviously for wounds or injury's)
17) safety pin
18) 3 pieces of Wrigley's gum
19) a little bit of paper towel (to help with fire)
20) 2 match striker pads (mine are taped to the inside top of altoid box)
21) yes, and of course the altoid box (not small regular sized)

Also, some recommended items are: neosporin, Advil or Tylenol, some cash (5-10 bucks), and some coiled up wire.
does it have to be a can like that'
<p>Artificial sweeteners are designed as a calorie free sweetening agent, they cannot give you an energy boost.</p>
<p>You could add some snells to it too.</p>
Personally, I'd use the cross for exorcisms (just in case you realize that your life just became Paranormal Activity) and emergency conversion during the apocalypse. <br> <br>In all seriousness, this is a pretty nice survival kit. I like that you added the Sweet N' Low. My personal favorite sweetener. :)
Knife sharpener good a few non essentials but I can find instances where they can b used except for the sugar which give little energy boost Maybe 4 cooking
WTF is the cross for? What is it?
While I'm sure its not the intended purpose the shiny metal cross would be great as a make shift fishing lure, sharpened at the edges for a spear or arrow tip, and if you have ever read where the red fern grows the perfect bait for catching raccoons for food if that book has any truth to it.
for religious reasons (i think)
its not required and it takes up space.
A reminder... That you aren't alone.
to think abt Jesus
its incase he has to fight a vampire duh! lol
And plus what wrong with having a cross in the kit, I think it's a really good idea! And if y'all don't think so than don't put one in your kit!
But sugar gives you energy and salt taste good on food! Maybe that's why he put some in his kit... Or maybe he's afraid a big slug is going to attack him and he won't have anything to melt with. Lol
I like the kit. Great items. Just one tip sugar and salt make you dehydrated. Okay. Other than that love the kit
Yours is the first kit that has a knife sharpener. I'm envious! I just uploaded my own kit. Lemme know what you think if you have the time!
umm ur missing some stuff:<br /> 1)fishing line<br /> 2)fishing hooks<br /> 3)fake fishing bait
i agree. a standard in my kit <br>
Thats why he has a knife, to hunt.
i like it but what is that cross for?put it somewhere else like in your pocket or as a necklace
Your survival kit is awesome!
The Cross is something that I have not seen before. Encouraging poems, quotes and passages are the most common but having Him there with you with a cross is a nice touch. As for the gum, it can be used as an adhesive to make a temporary patch in a (tent, ponco, bag etc.), to hold line while tying and also as fishing bait. Don't pay attention to the trolling comments you have gotten, you have done a fine job (though missing a few key items) and are well on your way.
wow a cross never thought off that i will add 2 Mine! thx
You forgot tomention the cross
No one ever puts lint in. It burns really good. Once it has a spark it slowly burns
a cotton ball burns well, and if you slather it in vasaline it will burn for up to 4 minutes which can help you get a fire started in a damp climate. A plastic spoon will burn well and hot. The spoons included in our MREs will burn close to 10 minutes. down side to the plastic spoons is the polution so these should only be used in &quot;REAL&quot; emergency situations. A ziplock plastic bag folds down pretty small and works well as a water container.
So what? pack vasaline?
&quot;some cash (5 or 10 bucks)&quot;? &nbsp;If you are lost in the woods, why do you need money? &nbsp;(I have a few ideas, but won't say so I'm not banned from this site. lol)
for starting fires?
I suppose if u are stuck in central park, 10 bucks for gyro and a phone call home
lol i get it
just think if you're out in the woods lost, and find a road, walking along the road you flag down a car and he gives you a ride into town, you then realize that your wallet is in your truck, miles away because you didn't think you would need it out in the woods, now what do you do?
Well, you might want the money to call a taxi if your &quot;emergency&quot; is a break down rather than being lost.&nbsp; or to pay a stipend to a friendly motorist who is good enough to bring you a couple gallons.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;What? no anti zombie equipment????<br /> <br />
I don't think a shotgun fits in an altoids tin!! haha
Actually there is the credit card sized shotgun that fires metal ball bearings
where can i get one and for how much?
Idk where but maybe 2000000 dollars
Lolz pwnd monkeyboy13
i dont think a p-90 or ak-47 fits into a altoids tin lol
y gum
y is there a cross is it suppose to mean god or is it a use for the kit?
So many things in so little box
do you mean small, not regular size, or small regular size?
why sweetnlow? salt would be better, as a seasoning and to help if you get a cut
Ok, I&quot;ve read a dozen of these and over half have gum in them. what's with that?&nbsp;&nbsp; And this one contains Sweet'n'Low for an energy boost?&nbsp; there's no calories in Sweet'n low.&nbsp; no calories, no energy.&nbsp; I'd be more inclined to add some jerky or even some candies for energy if you need that.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
Picture yourself&nbsp;in a survival situation.&nbsp; You've amused yourself by&nbsp;setting a fire, building a debris hut, and you've caught some&nbsp;frogs and gathered a mess of dandelion greens.&nbsp;&nbsp;Now what?<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Some of the items in any survival kit of strictly for your morale.&nbsp; If sweet'n Low make you feel better psychologically, then that is what you include.&nbsp; My tin includes a few tea bags, sugar, salt, bouillon, and a peppermint candy.&nbsp; Not exactly life sustaining, but it can lift your spirits a bit.&nbsp; My survival tin is an 8 ounce cup, so there will be some tea swilling around a survival campfire if I'm stuck in the woods in an emergency.&nbsp; Dandelion greens are delicious in a bouillon brew, and salt makes frog legs&nbsp;so tasty that I'd be inclined to hunt for more of&nbsp;them.&nbsp;&nbsp;That's why you may include incomprehensible items in your own survival tin.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
good point, psycological boost is as important as anything when lost.&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm diabetic so IRL I use calorie free foods but in my survival kit I'm putting in candies and regular gum as well as jerky.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> And &nbsp; I'd consider actually going out and GETTING&nbsp; lost so I could have real sugar in my tea.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Calorie free food?&nbsp; Oh, my!&nbsp; LOL&nbsp; I knew what you meant.&nbsp; My boyfriend and I went for a hike today and we broke open the old survival kits to test them out.&nbsp; We were at Lane Springs in Missouri and we caught a trout, grabbed some watercress from the springs and made tea.&nbsp; It was kind of fun to see what we could do with the kit without having to get lost.<br />
Hmmm...it appears you have certainly received a lot of criticism. Personally, I find nothing wrong with your survival kit. The rubber worm might be missing but you certainly remembered something I wouldn't want to be without in an emergency.

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