Introduction: Ultimate Paper Dart

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this is the ultimate paper dart hands down. i make these every once in a while and when i do somebody gets hurt. seriously dont aim these at people's face eyes or privates (all you guys out there).

*warning* not to be taken lightly these can and will hurt

i had fun doing this and i hope to hear good comments

Step 1: What You Need

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this is a very simple process all you will need is...

1 piece of paper (2 for extra hardness but 3 pieces wont allow you to bend it finish it)
ability to roll tight a piece of paper
2 hands
1 brain

Step 2: Now for the Folding

Picture of Now for the Folding

folding is the most important step. this will determine the firmness and shape of the wasp.

The first and most important fold all fold are important so measure twice fold once and sharply crease it

First fold the paper top to bottom. (hamburger style)*pic 1*

Then fold again left to right. *pic 2*

Then fold again top to bottom. *pic 3*

After this is done rotate it to the right. *pic 4*

Step 3: Now to Roll It

Picture of Now to Roll It

This is the second most important step. (read that again)

This part is crucial DO NOT FOLD ROLLING IS BETTER.

If you have gotten this far congratulations.

Now to roll it as mentioned above.

first take the littlest amount you can of paper and start rolling it. *pic 1*

continue rolling and rolling. *pic 2*

and finish rolling. *pic 3*

dont freak out if it tends to fray around the edges its ok and its easier to start with the neater edge it helps belive me.

Step 4: Folding

Picture of Folding

This is by far the easiest part unless you used 2 pieces of paper.

Now just fold it in half. Thats it.

Step 5: Priming and Firing

Picture of Priming and Firing

To prime the wasp you need to bend the edges and knock it against something. if it makes a noise its a good dart if it doesnt feel hard like the table and tear of any exess edges.

and to fire well there is another instructable on it

the art of hornetry by bad donut
the art of hornetry

thanks to bad donut for his instructable

or follow the picture

this is again my first instructable and for a while my only so enjoy!

and if you find anything wrong or you want me to update anything at all please tell me just keep it nice.


yapoyo (author)2011-08-13

it hurts like HELL and i shot myself by accident and i started crying

ich bin ein pyro (author)2007-03-08

has anyone made one of these yet? im just curious

about every day.... i kill bugs in my house. some banana spiders and stuff...



bumpus (author)2007-04-21

they're not called "paper darts" or "v-darts" they're called paper hornets b/c it hurts like a hornet sting duh

saquatchman (author)bumpus2010-05-31

Well bumpus you to are wrong with the name they are actually called paper wasps.

WRONG! hornets are a inch or so in length, bumblebees are about 1/4-1/2 and inch and are really thick, wasps are long ones:2 inches or more.

ich bin ein pyro (author)bumpus2007-04-23

anyway the point still remains

this is ultimate in no way the ultimate hornet is one i made a folded tin can with needle in its tip

saquatchman (author)bumpus2010-05-31

Well bumpus you to are wrong with the name they are actually called paper wasps.

Well, saquatchman, you too are wrong, because the name is different from area to area (in reality, they don't exist in my part of the world).

Frindledon3 (author)2010-05-26

We had to have a huge assembly at my school because some kids did this. And plus this kid took a pin and started stabbing people. Bad idea. if a teacher catchs you with a rubber band, you get sent the office at my school

dungeon runner (author)2009-09-26

This is definitely on my list of favorite paper weapons.

knowitallnewbie (author)2007-03-02

At my school its called tacos. I like making them small so they sting(not bruise). Also the teacher cant really see them "GO"

i like to fire these at my sister (im mean) but not at full power these things at full power with 3 rubber bands end-to-end will sting like if you got shot

WTF R U THINKING 3 F****KING RUBBER BAND AS FULL POWER???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey can you use 6 rubber bands??? and you know you said that you needed to hold the camera whit your athor hand on step 4 how come in step 5 you used tow hands???????

My camera has this little button on the side for "mode" i can set it to go off in 10 seconds and all i have to do is take the picture then it counts off. and for 6 rubber bands.....i had a bunch of rubber bands (like 20) end-to-end it was kinda like artillery cuz you cant pull it by yourself those purple bands broke a long time ago

also thats the fun firing it without the teacher seeing. we fire them when the teachers out or when she/hes not looking

yellow elephant (author)2007-03-11

i have used 5 papers before.


thats impossible...mythbusters

im definately with you. plus it would me like an inch thick!

be, not me

shadowfox009 (author)2009-06-19

they are fun to launch at little kid buses (ones from the elementry school) they have no idea!!!!!!!!

mynameischeese (author)2008-11-18

i dont have the second and third things, are there any subsistutes???

cannadakid (author)2008-05-27

lol i had a giant war at school with these in 7th grade.(2 years ago) we were having giant battles at all times for almost 2 months. It was all fun until someone stuck a 3 inch needle through the tip. Ya 6 kids suspended in 1 day lol and universal school detention for a day. Ahh but well worth it in the long run

ladiesman247 (author)2008-03-27

im a 12 yr old kid. and ofcourse a guy of my age would b in to this kinda stuff. im am onna kill my friends tomorrow iwth these LOL!!!!! thanx for uploading and great instructable!!!!!!

gonzoman73 (author)2008-02-02


office rogue (author)2007-06-27

nice instructable me and my friends have wars wit these all the time.... i know my principle pretty well... these are the kinds i make, but i like to do it with a 3 by 5 note card and just roll it into that shape. it works really well.

caseyjonez (author)2007-05-26

alright I gave up and used a vice grip, I clamped it and tightened, Works great. Also it will have so much pressure it shot up and hit my ceiling.

caseyjonez (author)2007-05-26

i made one with 2 sheets of paper and it's impossible to fold, I'm still working on it

LightningCrash (author)2007-04-26

wrap the ends with tape to keep them from falling apart. the tape that photographers use to tape film to a leader for processing work fantastic. longer wings stabilize the trajectory somewhat, as well. i usually end up cutting strips from a sheet of letter paper. never tried legal, but i'm sure the results would be even better.

The Lord Of Hurt (author)2007-04-25

these things hurt like f**k. my friend shot one with a VERY strong rubber band. it bounced off the wall and nailed me in the back of my head. had a bump/bruise for hours.

Tyler713247 (author)2007-04-17

I shot one of these at my friend with a sling shot and he started to cry

Whaleman (author)2007-03-12

i like these, but my school banned rubber bands in general instant detention if i get caught with a rubberband

znelson710 (author)Whaleman2007-03-31

me 2 what skool did u go to that banned them i went to seabrook intermediate skool

that sucks

znelson710 (author)2007-03-31

you can fold a staple in half and fire it and it will draw blood.. ive done b4 and i put a paper clip on one and it stuk in some1's shirt i also just made an instructable like this one but i call it the Birdie

e-hizzle (author)2007-03-12

i just made this and shot my little sister she cried for like 10 minutes i shot myself it hurt like hell

yea they have that effect

v-dartmaker (author)2007-03-03

I have a instructible on these. I havnt added this to the instructible yet but you can make better darts with either skinny card board(a cracker box or cereal) or really killer oones with metal(a pop can)

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