Ultimate Pocket (sort Of) Survival Kit





Introduction: Ultimate Pocket (sort Of) Survival Kit

About: Just a couple of dudes who do things with stuff in places at times for reasons. The result: EPIC

this is a kit i came up with after looking at many, many other pocket survival kits, so it's not all my idea.

Step 1: The Medical Kit

Step 2: Hand Sanitizer Stove

Step 3: Main Kit

Step 4: Misc Other Stuff

these are things that don't have a group but are still useful.

Step 5: Packing It All In



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    Good indestructible. I am glad you included a whet stone in your kit. What good is a knife if you can't sharpen it when it is dull?

    Nice instrutable! I'm just not really sure about using the lid of a lead pellet tin to cook food in, but I guess you could always just use the altoids tin. Also, a camo bandana might not be the best choice in a survival situation, a red or orange one would be more suitable. Really nice kit though, very well made.

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    yeah, a bright bandana would be a good idea, I just didn't have one on hand.
    Cooking in a lead pellet container probably isn't the greatest idea, but in a survival situation you probably won't mind. But yes using the altoids tin is a great idea.

    ahh thank you thats what i thought it was, but I wasn't sure. I got it at my local army surplus store

    I really like the case you used, large enough to build up a nice kit, but still small enough to store it in the car or backpack without it getting in the way. Good job!