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Introduction: Ultimate Urban Edc Kit

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this kit is packed with only stuff I've found myself without and needed on a frequent basis,
as a guy that wouldn't be caught dead without a swiss army on me or within arms reach I decided to make this so I would always have them , I would recommend either leaving this in your car, jacket,purse,or cargo pants cause it's an altiods tin and is bulky

Step 1: Items

ok this is what I decided was most necessary and stuff most likely that would be needed that u may not think to carry but be glad u have , so I chose , about a foot or two of parachord ( tied up) 1 rubber band , nail clipper , folded tissue ,1wet nap , tech dech tool (small Philips head) 2 cotton swabs (broken to fit more easily) double sided tape strip , binder clip , paper clip , safety pin, military style p8(if not please correct me ) a leatherman cs micro multitool a flashlight whistle compass combo and cough drops ,(one cold eez,1 halls)

Step 2: Assembling

in order, tissue, wet nap,tape strip , flashlight ,parachord , leatherman,swabs, nail clipper ,binder clip, cough drops, tech dech tool , and just tape the can opener pin and paper clip to the lid

Step 3: Ok

thanks for viewing and or making my instructable , feel free to add or substitute different pieces of gear to fit your own needs, there isn't any set way to have an edc set up , this is just my tin , with some ideas for you



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    The small military can opener is called a P-38 or a John Wayne. The larger model is called the P-51. I always have one with me, since my days in the US Army.

    P-38 is the name of the can opener. It should also be on your keyring.

    I have matches in mine, if u use Strike anywhere, u can waterproof them by dipping the head in wax & wipe it off when ready to use. Also, u could add picture wire for snares. U can waterproof the entire tin by wrapping it w/ electrical tape, as long as the hinges are covered.

    Actually I think the can opener is a P38. At least that's what it was called when I was in the service.

    the little tiny screwdriver that comes with the mini finger skateboards , I put it int the kit cause it has a tiny Phillips head on it for really small screws

    What is a tech dech tool?

    yea I couldn't remember when I made this , it's a p38 and I did consider the mini bic but I almost never need one and when I do there's always one near by

    Looks nice! Only thing I would add is a micro-Bic, or some other small lighter. They come in handy, even as a non smoker. Oh, the can opener? Looks like a P38, the small one. It's got a bigger brother, the P51, if I remember correctly.