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Introduction: Pocket Sized LED (Altoids) Flashlight

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This "Ible" will detail how to make an LED flashlight in an Altoids smalls container. I had thought about making this a cooler more complex thing, but because I made it so simple it is very durable (if made well)

Step 1: Supplies

You will need.

1 Altoids "smalls" tin
1 White LED (I used 3MM)
1 soldering gun/iron
1 ultra finepoint sharpie
1 small toggle switch
1 hotglue gun
1 dremel tool
2 Cr2032 watch batteries
and, Electrical tape, spare wire, and some needle files would be helpful.

Step 2: Mark Tin

When putting stuff in Altoids tins I like to mark where the lid closes to so I can stay below that line. Close the tin and run the sharpie around it, right under the lid. (don't worry, when the project is done you can clean it all off with alchohol and a rag).

Step 3: Make Holes

Decide where you want the holes for your LED and your switch, since my LED was round I just drilled a hole the right size. But, my switch was rectangular so I drilled several (2) holes inside the small rectangle and filed the hole to size, if you want you can sand around the holes lightly just to make sure there are no sharp pieces of metal, go ahead and do it now. I'll wait... Done? Good. Continue on young one.

Step 4: Make Battery Pack

Step 5: Put It All Together

Solder the Battery pack to the switch and the LED. Make sure you have room to stretch the whole thing to fit the holes you made. and put it in the tin.

Step 6: Glue It In

Using your holtglue gun glue it all in place and glue it good!
if made right this will be extremly durable (Ive dropped min 5' onto hardwood floor and it worked fine)



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    Sorry I am a beginner. How exactly does one make the battery pack? Thanks!

    You would need 6 AAA battery's to get the right voltage. They would work, but not fit.

    Its called a joule theif

    you could, but 2 AAs won't fit in this tin, you would have to use a large tin.

    Combine this with another Altoid Tin instructable and you could have a thing of beauty.

    its a small light, huge for an led light. i dont think you can call it "ultra small".

    5 replies

    i dont see ultrasmall anywhere.

    ace o spades.JPG

    it was in the title, the author modified it.

    omg y did i add that pic

    ace o spades.JPG

    Your methodology and presentation is really good.