Picture of Pocket sized LED (Altoids) flashlight
This "Ible" will detail how to make an LED flashlight in an Altoids smalls container. I had thought about making this a cooler more complex thing, but because I made it so simple it is very durable (if made well)

Step 1: Supplies

You will need.

1 Altoids "smalls" tin
1 White LED (I used 3MM)
1 soldering gun/iron
1 ultra finepoint sharpie
1 small toggle switch
1 hotglue gun
1 dremel tool
2 Cr2032 watch batteries
and, Electrical tape, spare wire, and some needle files would be helpful.
owen272 years ago
Sorry I am a beginner. How exactly does one make the battery pack? Thanks!
Schmidty162 years ago
Can u use AAA batterys
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  Schmidty162 years ago
You would need 6 AAA battery's to get the right voltage. They would work, but not fit.
Its called a joule theif
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  Schmidty162 years ago
If ya got the answer, why ask?
I dont know lol :)
BigMac966 years ago
can you just use a 2-cell AA holder?
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  BigMac966 years ago
you could, but 2 AAs won't fit in this tin, you would have to use a large tin.
ZanderArch6 years ago
Combine this with another Altoid Tin instructable and you could have a thing of beauty.
Berserk876 years ago
its a small light, huge for an led light. i dont think you can call it "ultra small".
i dont see ultrasmall anywhere.
ace o spades.JPG
it was in the title, the author modified it.
omg y did i add that pic
ace o spades.JPG
i did it again :S
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  Berserk876 years ago
Duly noted
hominid6 years ago
Your methodology and presentation is really good.