Step 2: Mark tin

When putting stuff in Altoids tins I like to mark where the lid closes to so I can stay below that line. Close the tin and run the sharpie around it, right under the lid. (don't worry, when the project is done you can clean it all off with alchohol and a rag).
Sorry I am a beginner. How exactly does one make the battery pack? Thanks!
Can u use AAA batterys
You would need 6 AAA battery's to get the right voltage. They would work, but not fit.
Its called a joule theif
If ya got the answer, why ask?
I dont know lol :)
can you just use a 2-cell AA holder?
you could, but 2 AAs won't fit in this tin, you would have to use a large tin.
Combine this with another Altoid Tin instructable and you could have a thing of beauty.
its a small light, huge for an led light. i dont think you can call it "ultra small".
i dont see ultrasmall anywhere.
it was in the title, the author modified it.
omg y did i add that pic
i did it again :S
Duly noted
Your methodology and presentation is really good.

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