Under Cabinet Magnetic Spice Rack




Introduction: Under Cabinet Magnetic Spice Rack

You will need:
1 power drill
1 drill bit
4 screws and washers with rubber seals
Gorilla Glue Epoxy
Scrap wood
sheet metal
screwdriver (not pictured)
Spice Jars (got mine from William Sonoma)

this is a simple but very useful 'structable

i used construction adhesive to glue a sheet of plywood and the sheet metal together leaving a lip about the thickness of the wood. i then bent the metal using a hammer after i screwed them together. the glue is not needed but i did it anyway. i then used the epoxy to adhere the magnetic discs to the lids of the spice jars, labeled with a p-touch label maker and filled with spices.

as far as the mounting, i chose to mount flush to outer edges as opposed to insetting as this was just easier and i could get away with less precise measurements



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