hand made all from felt .. material. . glue boxes

Step 1: Box Head

long hard work to finish this but worth it
<p>Thanks for your costume ..... Ours had to be a little more &quot;blingy&quot; as it was for a Calisthenics concert . My Grandbaby Girl just loves it ! ?</p>
<p>Excellent job!.... I am going to attempt this for my Grandbaby Girls end of year Calisthenics concert ..... I was a little disappointed tho' ... signed up for a 2yr subscription thinking I'd get all the instructions , pattern etc ( suit included) . Will let you know how I get on. </p>
<p>These costumes are too cute!</p><p>If you felt so inclined, it would be great to see some additional steps and written information on how you made these. They look so great, and I think people would love to see how the details of how they were done. Just a tip! :)</p>

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