i created this instructable because i have seen some other really good bike mounts but i didn't have the some materials or they wouldn't have fitted my bike (i have a vintage bike). it is designed to sit on the handlebars rather than the neck of the bike as the neck of my bike isn't shaped properly for that sort of thing but could be changed to do the reverse.

Step 1: What You Need

for this mount you will need: - an old reflector - a hard case for your phone - various screwdrivers - pliers (maybe) - hot glue gun (and a surface protector such as newspaper if you are working inside like i am) - possibly a piece if rubber if the handle bars are narrower than the reflector
<p>Thanks for the Instructable...great concept!...I built one very similar and am going to post the final(because I didn't document making it) and has proven to be far superior to the commercial products I've seen. I just wanted to say that the hot glue will fail rather quickly as it's not created for consistent,heavy,pressures. It's a craft medium at best. Even the strongest of them. Bonding two different types of plastic together is always difficult because of the various plastics and adhesives. A hot day out and consistent use of your GPS and maybe playing music,heats the phone up, and combined ,will weaken the bond considerably. A strong epoxy(JB Weld, rated to 500 degrees and proven to bond dissimilar plastics) would be a better choice. Also use of a plastic primer before will definitely assist in the bonding. Great minds think alike!..thanks again!</p>
thanks for the info. i didn't post but it didn't last very long :-/ i will definitely consider your suggestions though thanks
aw thanks :)
You should enter this into the bike contest, such an extremely clever idea!

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