Picture of unmaned lego rifle turret
Give your legos the up side in battle with this lego turret

Step 1: Blaster

Picture of blaster
Annix153 years ago
why do people have to post BLURRY pics????? It is very annoying for people cause they cannot see the fricken picture. Get a better camera and post some DECENT pictures.
stupidninja (author)  Annix152 years ago
yeah i posted this with my old camera while i was in the process of getting a new one. there will be an update though.
Ok, thank you
Denger3 years ago
Nice design, but a little hard to see in the out of focus photos. Our 8 year old son figured it out though, so you have reached your target audience! FIVE STARS
stupidninja (author)  Denger2 years ago
It's TheJADEwatson plz don't watch the vid itz really bad
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nice e i'll uz dis in 1 ov meh youtube vids=)
stupidninja (author)  crazyfruitloop924 years ago
sweet what is your u tube account?
When the legos are away, the mice come out to play.
Not for long.
that's hilarious
Dumchicken4 years ago
5* stars
stupidninja (author)  Dumchicken4 years ago
stupidninja (author) 4 years ago
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