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The 3rd work of "unsettled" project named unsettled transition is a clock hands of which is always stopping. Only when radiation is detected, it starts moving toward the current time. Hands of the clock moves according to the irregularity that is generated from the detection of radiation. And it shows subtle changes according to the "time transition".

unsettled project by Kotaro Abe + Yasuaki Kakehi, 2014

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1) a clock (one with a coil inside)
2) Arduino Uno, Nano or else
3) a Geigercounter (I'm always using SEN10742 from Sparkfun)
4) Rtc modules

How to hack a clock refers to

Step 2: How

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All you have to do is connect all the part in the list and let them move!

Step 3: Codes

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#include <Wire.h>
/* RTC module library from */
#include <RTC8564.h>
int null;
int sec;
int count;
boolean flag=true;
unsigned int setTime = 50;     //drive a coil for 50ms

void setup()
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);        // conect coil thrugh 330Ω
  pinMode(10, OUTPUT);       // coil return
  pinMode(6, INPUT);         //geigercount
  digitalWrite(9, LOW);      // reset coil
  digitalWrite(10, LOW);     // reset coil

void loop()
  //the second hand goes everytime a geigercounter detects radiation
if(sec != Rtc.seconds()){
   sec = Rtc.seconds();

if(digitalRead(6) == null){
   for(int i = 0; i < count; i++){
     digitalWrite(13,HIGH);     // LED flash
     flag = ! flag;
     if(flag == true) {
       digitalWrite(9, HIGH);    // coil drive foward
       delay(setTime);           // wait
       digitalWrite(9, LOW);     // coil drive end
     else {
       digitalWrite(10, HIGH);   // coil drive revers
       delay(setTime);           // wait
       digitalWrite(10, LOW);    // coil drive end
     digitalWrite(13,LOW);       // LED flash end
   count = 0;

Step 4: Other "unsettled" Projects

If you have some questions about this project, feel free to ask me by e-mail.



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